Jessie Vyvyan

“Hello!” is how I address all of my emails. A quick, uplifting greeting shows that I am excited and happy to be communicating with the reader. 

Why do you care? 

Well, this is my first post for my new blog, Manifest Iron. I will be sharing different ideas on how to manifest, or create, the happy life you have always wanted. Here are a few things you can expect to read about:

  • My career (hence my opening line)
  • My husbands career
  • Our family life
  • Activities to do as a family
  • Activities to do alone
  • Recipes for healthy living
  • Creative projects for home improvement
  • Creative things to do with your hands

You are probably wondering how this blog is different from any other “mommy inspired” blog.

For the past 10 years, my husband and I have practiced positive thinking and have made serious life-changing decisions along our path, all which have led us to our perfect life. “Our” is italicized because everyone has a different opinion on what makes them happy. 

The posts I will be sharing are ideas on how my husband and I have created our happiness. I am not suggesting these things will make you happy, BUT, I can assure you that my strategies on creating happiness will allow you to find ways to create your own path of happiness. 

So, enjoy!! And, make it a great day! 

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