Saturday Snack!

You know when you are sitting, watching a movie, snuggling with your family, and all of the sudden you have a terrible craving for something sweet? No wait, it’s something salty you crave. No, wait! You’re craving sweet AND salty.

I know that feeling. It happens to me at least once every Saturday. I’m never prepared for this type of craving either. My family eats fairly healthy so the quick, processed treats are never readily available to us. 

Sometime you just have to improvise. Luckily, we are usually stocked up on basic cooking ingredients so when we find a recipe that will satisfy our cravings, we are ready to whip it up and feed our faces.

This past weekend we all had caramel popcorn on our minds. I came across a good Marshmallow Caramel Popcorn recipe. We had all of the ingredients in our cabinet and making this crunchy, munchy snack was incredibly easy. 

The outcome?

Three happy bellies and a new recipe documented for another sleepy Saturday.

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