Stop and Smell The Flowers

Whether you are a parent or not, you know and understand the challenges with keeping children happy, especially toddlers. I am a proud mommy of a two year old girl who constantly has me searching for creative ways to keep her smiling. 

When I left my corporate life to work from home, I quickly became more aware of the things that made my child happy. I will admit that the hours I was putting in at the office were keeping me from really getting to know my daughter.

I was thrilled to learn that she enjoys the simple things in life. Playing with a cup and bowl, pretending to mix, is far more appealing to her than an electronic toy with fancy flashing lights. She prefers to play with home-made toys over her pricey battery-operated toys. 

This excited me because my husband and I prefer the simple life. We love stopping to smell the roses. It is important to us to find a purpose for everything that comes into our lives, even the most basic of things, like the empty box from our newly purchased bed. The box was quickly transformed into a fort for my daughter.  After my husband cut windows and a door into it the box, we let our daughter color the outside of it. She plays with it nearly everyday, pretending to be an ice-cream man, serving delicious ice-cream out the tiny mis-shaped window.

We feel so good about letting her discover her own creative side, allowing her to make her fort personalized and teaching her to recycle, or up-cycle, a perfectly useful box all while having fun!

I encourage you to find something old in your home and turn it into something useful, either for your kid or yourself. 

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