5 Easy Daily Chores For Homes With Pets

It’s officially the first day of Spring! It doesn’t feel like it here in Wisconsin, but I am hopeful that warm weahter is around the corner for us. 

When Spring arrives, everyone tends to do more household clean-up. I am such a neat-freak that Spring cleaning happens daily for me. See, I have two very hairy pets. My golden retriever, Otis, sheds a pound of hair a day it seems. My cat, Puck, sheds as well, but he is also an incredibly messy eater. 

It is absolutely necessary that I do some daily, basic chores to keep my house clean. 

1) VACUUM! Yes, I do this daily. My daughter helps me and loves playing loud music when we clean. We make vacuuming fun so it doesn’t feel like a chore. 
 2) Empty the garbage cans. Sometimes after I vacuum, hair and crumbs, from my daughters snacks, start to accumulate in corners and on the carpet. I will just pick up the messes and toss it into the trash cans that are scattered throughout my house. I empty them every evening so the house doesn’t appear cluttered or begin to smell.
3) Wipe down surfaces. I use a wet rag to wipe down counter-tops and bathroom surfaces every morning. Nobody wants to brush their teeth or butter their toast on a dirty surface.
4) Rinse out your pet’s dishes. Your pets need to eat off of a clean surface too! Cleaning their dishes daily will keep the stink out of your house and keep your pets healthy. 
5) Clean up the clutter. Ask your kids to join in on the clean-up fun. Make a game out of it. We pick up toys and other objects by color or shape or size. Eliminate the clutter and your home will always appear organized. 

My cleanup routine only takes 15 minutes out of my day. When people stop by unannounced, I am never worried about how my home looks or smells. All I have to worry about are my guests. 

Happy Spring Cleaning!    

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