Let Em’ Have Fun!

My husband and I are always striving to keep our household active, lively and fun. After-all, a happy family only brings about more happiness. The more you think about happiness, and the more you act upon happy thoughts, the more happiness you will bring to your life. 

This past weekend, a perfect opportunity for lively, fun entertainment came into our home. My mom purchased a new bed for my daughter as an early birthday present for her. The pillow-top twin replaced a very old twin mattress that I slept on when I was a child. It was time to get rid of it now and for good. 

Out with the old, in with the new! Except, getting rid of a mattress in the dead of winter without garbage removal can seem pretty impossible.  

Where are we going to put this old thing? 

How about the living room floor?  

And there it shall remain until we have the opportunity to bring it to the dump. 

Instead of being frustrated with my crowded living room, I am beaming with happiness because my kid thinks we are the coolest parents ever! She has spent hours jumping on the old mattress, creating forts with pillows and blankets, and watching movies from her new comfort zone. 

That old mattress has brought a million smiles to our home and has allowed me to do household chores without a toddler needing my every moment of attention.  

Another recycle project has been a success.  

Happy times!  

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