Grow Your Own Food for Your Soul

I love to eat!! 

I love it even more when I am able to eat something that grew in my garden. 

Unfortunately, we live in an area that is swarming with wildlife. Okay, it isn’t unfortunate, it is actually quite awesome. However, with wild animals comes the incapability of having a full force garden in the yard. 

In order to grow our own food, we created an urban garden. We used normal sized flowering pots (an eclectic collection to match our personalities), placed on our deck (where animals cannot go), to grow things like tomatoes, peppers, and herbs. 

Since most of our year is spent indoors due to the winter months, I always look forward to gardening season. I am able to enjoy the outdoors, care for the plants and save on grocery bills since I am growing a significant portion of my produce bill.

The spiritual connection you create with your home-grown food is an unbelievable one. You grow to appreciate your food more. The hard work pays off when you are able to create a meal from something that grew in your own backyardor deck

What are you growing this Spring?

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