Is Your Kid Scared of the Easter Bunny?

It’s one week away from Easter! 

In celebration of the holiday, I took my daughter to the mall to see the Easter Bunny. 

I knew exactly what to expect when we got there. See, my daughter is deathly afraid of the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause and any other large person in a costume. This is very uncharacteristic of her. She is normally very outgoing, kind to strangers and polite in conversation. My family often says that she is too smart and understands that the Easter Bunny is not a bunny at all, but a man in a silly costume that refuses to show his real face.

Most children go through a phase of being scared of these holiday representatives. My daughter is almost three and still will not take a picture with any of them.

I noticed something different this year though. She showed interest in seeing the bunny, but still did not want to sit on him or talk to him. I will never her force her to do anything, but I will always give her the answers to her curious questions (she asked a ton of questions this year). Engaging with her keeps her happy and content. 

In order for me to get my Easter memory captured on film (digitally, of course), I had to be creative. While my curious toddler looked around and asked a million questions about the bunny and his friends, I was able to snap a picture of her in front of the bunny’s home.


Well, it’s not a perfect picture, but we will never forget trying, the experience, and all that we learned

If your kid is too scared to give you the Easter Bunny picture you’re looking for, don’t get upset. Just improvise and work with your kid. Don’t be ashamed that your kid is not cooperating. He or she IS cooperating, just at a different level than your expectations. Show patience, understanding and love. In the end, your family will find peace and happiness and a picture that suits you!    


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