DIY Headboard

Sometimes the spaces we spend the most time in can cause us frustration. Just look around the room and find what is making you feel crowded, unhappy or disorganized. 

For my husband and I, our bedroom was lacking a few simple finishes to pull the entire room together, making it look like a more complete space.

We happened to discover our issue with our bedroom when visiting some friends for dinner. My girlfriend showed me her new headboard that her husband had made. The light bulb went off in my head. I knew we needed a headboard and their solution soon became ours. 

Here are the steps we took to make our headboard. 

  1. Measure the width of your mattress and cut a piece of ply wood to those specs. 
  2. Use a sheet of foam, or something soft for stuffing (we used an old bed comforter). 
  3.  Attach the stuffing material to the ply wood either with glue or stretching the material around the board and stapling it to the other side.
  4.  Pick out a fabric for the outer layer of the headboard. Make sure it matches your decor. 
  5. Pull the fabric tight to the back of the board, covering the stuffing, and staple it shut. 
  6. Choose how many accents you want (we chose three). 
  7. Using a 1/4 inch thick nail with a nylon washer on it, measure and evenly space the nails on the board. 
  8. Glue accent pieces to the washers on the head of the nail (we used three shiny black rocks, all different shapes). 
  9. Finally, attach the headboard either to the wall behind your bed or use 1 x 4 boards to attach the headboard directly to the bed frame. 
  10. There you have it!     

After the headboard was installed, and our bed looked more like an adult bed, I took a look around and realized that our space was near completion. We took one final step to achieve the space we had been dreaming about. 

We painted the ceiling the same grey we used on our headboard. The dark grey makes sleeping that much easier since our “sky” is dark now. We also put in beautiful crown molding to make the cieling appear taller. 


Our completed master bedroom, a calm, soothing space that we can take pride in.     

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