Create a Space Customized to Your Needs

My husband and I are big on having a personal space (not necessarily a bedroom) to go to to unwind, be alone, have a minute of silence, or whatever.

My husband’s go-to spot happens to be two spaces, the garage and the workshop in our basement. He usually goes to work on his latest motorcycle or art project. I hardly want to work hard on a project to “unwind”, but to each is their own.

I have created a space that works perfectly for my needs. I work hard between my family life, professional life, and fun life. I am going ’round the clock

I needed to create a space that spoke to my inner soul, calmed me down, made me feel comfortable and allowed me to peaceful in my surroundings. 

I visit my space every day, sometimes twice, and still feel love it!

The first thing my space required was a view of the outdoors. We happen to have a nook in our kitchen that is surrounded by windows, mostly facing south. The light that comes into my nook is god-like. The views out the window are awesome as well. Between the birds, the passing deer and the privacy our 60 foot white pines, I have quite a bit of scenery to soak up

My space also required my favorite calm-down drink, coffee. I hooked up my coffee machine and all my fixin’s on a sweet IKEA table that attaches directly to the wall, accommodating three tall bar stools. I finished the space with a few of my favorite indoor plants and a crafty mirror I made to tie in some color to my space. 

Here are steps to making your own crafty mirror: 

  1. Purchase a wooden framed mirror. (I bought mine at IKEA for less than $5). 
  2. Rip pages out of your favorite magazine or use a fancy paper of your choice. (I used an IKEA catalog). Do you see my theme?
  3. Roll the paper into straws and tape shut with clear tape. 
  4. Hot glue the taped side of the paper down to the wooden frame. 
  5. Make a pattern that suites your mood or matches your space. 
  6. Enjoy!

Everyone needs a break from life from time to time. Refresh your soul and take a break. Go to your space and space out.  


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