Need 15 Minutes Away From Your Toddler?

Looking to find an activity for your kid to fill that short 15 minutes you need to finish an email, paint your toes, or make a phone call? Here are a few easy projects you can have them do

1) Have them trace their hands or trace each other. I only have one kid, so she traces her own hand until I have time to trace her body for her.  Have them color themselves when they are done tracing.

2) Have them play with playdough or clay, but only if they can be dirty when your 15 minutes is up. The interesting feeling of the dough and allowing them to create objects with their hands will keep them happy and, hopefully, quiet. If you don’t have play-dough, you should! 

3) Let them make homemade play-dough. You can measure the ingredients and leave your kids with directions on what to do. All you need is 1/4 cup salt ,1 cup flour, 1/4 cup water. Mix everything in a bowl with your hands. You can even let them use food coloring to dye the dough. 
4) Challenge them to see how many pairs of pants or shirts they can wear all at the same time. They will spend the fifteen minutes getting dressed and having fun. 

5) If you have a collection of plastic bottles with tops, unscrew all of the tops, mix match them and challenge your kids to put all the caps back on the correct bottles. Empty bottles work best.

6) Give them some pieces of construction paper and ask them to make kites that they can fly on the next windy day. All the folding options will keep them occupied. 

7) Let them have a wiggle party. Turn music on and let them dance their little butts off. 

I have plenty more ideas to help you catch a break from time to time, but I will save those for another post.       

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