Creative Snacking for Toddlers

Getting your toddler to eat healthy foods can be somewhat tricky. With all of the processed food options, sugar-filled treats and unhealthy quick-fix snacks, eating healthy in-between cooked meals is tough. 

In order to get my daughter to eat raw, healthy foods that  love her body and help her grow big and strong, I had to start getting creative. She has always been a great eater, but the older she gets, the more picky she is. 

I have discovered two creative ways to get her to choose (and eat) healthy snacks. 

1) Put the raw foods in an ice-cube tray or some kind of fun plate. Your toddler will likely want to play while she eats. That’s okay. Encourage her to enjoy her foods that are displayed so creatively. 

2) Give her dip! My daughter will eat raw veggies to no end so long as she has some dip. I give her hummus for her vegatables and vanilla yogurt for her fruit. 

Snacking like this will instill positive eating habits that will only benefit her down the road. I am teaching my daughter to always make healthy choices and showing her how much more fun play time is when she is full of good, positive energy from real, unprocessed foods. 

Does this make me one happy mama? 

Yes, yes it does. Happy eating!    

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