A Child’s Mobile

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I struggled with getting the “nursery” together (this was the spare room at our old home in Wisconsin). I felt pressured to have a specific theme within the space because that is how all of the stores present the nursery set-ups. I didn’t want to be stuck with Winnie-the-Pooh if my kid didn’t like it. Or what if I bought Minnie Mouse and I ended up having a boy? 

I decided to go with a more eclectic theme. Nothing matched, but it all still matched, ya know what I mean? The colors went well together, and the patterns were not overwhelming. I wanted my daughter to feel cozy in her new room and have plenty to look at and discover. 

The hardest part of the room was finding a mobile to hang over her crib. I despised all of the ones we had found at stores and online. Nothing was natural enough and I certainly did not want something with batteries that I would have to change every month. 

My husband and I put our creative minds together and decided to make our own mobile. We made it personal to our lives, what we liked and what made us happy. 

We cut down a dying branch from one of the apple trees in our old backyard. We found a bag of craft life-like looking birds and bugs. We used fishing line to tie the creatures onto the limbs of the branch. We then tied the entire thing to the ceiling above the crib, also using fishing line so it has the illusion of it floating. mobile

It is STILL a huge hit with our daughter. She talks about it often. We weren’t able to move the piece to our new home, but we did take off all the creatures and set them up all over Nori’s new bedroom. She loved staring at that thing when she was falling asleep. Birds happen to be part of her daily routine too! She sits in the window sill every morning, pointing at the birds, counting them and watching them find worms. Plus, she helps with our chickens and ducks.

My husband and I had so much fun making her mobile, tying her eclectic room together. I love that silly branch.

Happy creating.  
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