My Baby Is Not A Baby Anymore

This past weekend was spent celebrating my daughter’s 3rd birthday. Wow! I can’t believe how quickly time passes when you watch a child grow up. 

I remember hearing similar statements numerous times when I was a kid. “Oh my, Jessie, you have gotten so big.” Or my favorite, “Slow down from growing up. Life is too short.”

I found myself saying these things to my big three year old all weekend long. I held her tight, asking her to stop growing up so fast while small tears filled my eyes. 

In the same breath of asking her to slow down from growing up, I was asking her to become a big girl, as three seemed like the perfect age to complete our potty training days. 

Her birthday’s past were large gatherings of family and friends, balloons and cake and prizes for all the little one’s who joined in on the fun. This year was different. We had three joyous days of family fun, where we celebrated not only her birthday, but THE BIG DAY. 

The “big day” was our way of teaching our big girl that her third birthday marked her becoming a big enough girl to use the potty 100% of the time. 

She was very excited to prove to everyone she could be a big girl and that she was just as happy to be diaper free. Everyone’s efforts were celebrated with a wonderfully fun treat, a toilet cake! 

My brother’s girlfriend made this delicious, gluten-free cake to help aid the potty training and celebration. 

It worked! 

My daughter enjoyed the cake, the training, the family and the fun. We had an amazing weekend! On top of that, I have officially bought my last pack of diapers! 


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