3 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Job Or Make A Change

I haven‘t always loved my jobs, but I do now. I made all the necessary changes so that I would love my job and be able to have the life my family and I deserve. It took me years to figure out my dream job and how I was going to incorporate that into my life and my family’s life.  

Everyone has growing up to do and everyone needs time to learn about themselves, but we all have the opportunity to start making changes in order to have the life we want today. Sure, change can be risky, but some risks are worth taking in order to wake up with a smile every morning.

Here are three things you can evaulate in your current life and job to see if you are happy with your career path or if you should make a change to start working your dream job sooner than later. 

1) What makes you happy? Do you have any extra-curricular activities or hobbies that get you excited? Maybe you enjoy knitting or writing or playing a sport? Whatever it is, does your job allow you to incorporate it into your life? 

My husband is really into motorcycles. He builds them, takes them apart, paints them, etc. It’s his number one hobby. For the longest time, he worked long hours and lived so incredibly far from his office that his work days lasted forever. He knew that his job situation was not conducive to what he really wanted to be doing with his spare time. His current job that he sought after for years, finally allows him to have fun in his life too. Even though he doesn’t spend as much time playing in the garage as he could be, his job schedule gives him the time he needs to get his hands dirty. He still works a full day, but with an opportunity to start and end earlier, he can come home and still spend hours working in daylight.

2) Do you have any long-term personal goals? Maybe you want to live in a different country? Maybe you want to own your own business? Or maybe you want to travel the world? Does your current job allow you to attain those goals? Is your current job setting you on the right path

My biggest goal in life was to become a mom. My daughter was just two when I decided that my corporate job was holding me back from being the mother I wanted to be. I was always working, stressed out, sick and tired. I quit my job and took a risk. I decided to work full-time from home as a freelance marketer, dedicating most of my time to my daughter. Lucky me, because I found love in my job and new life situation, I have succeeded at being a mom and marketer.

I’m not suggesting you quit your job, but analyze if your job is going to allow you to travel the world or help you start your own business or be home with your kids. 

3) What are you good at? What do you do at your current job that you enjoy doing because you know it is a skill you rock at? What skills or talents do you have that you are not using everyday? Your dream job will allow you to use the skills you have and enjoy most. 

One of my favorite things to do and I think I am pretty good at it is writing. I get paid to write! I have clients that I write web content for as well as clients that hire me to write content for their clients. I also get paid to be on social media sites, engaging with consumers. I am really, really good at talking, chatting and being personable, so why not help businesses do that with their consumers. Some businesses do not have people willing to put themselves out there as the face of the company because they work in fear. Fear comes from disliking something. I love my job so I know I will succeed. 

Do you love what you do? If not, what changes do you know you need to make to start working your dream job and living your life? 

I recently wrote an eBook about all of the changes I made on my career path. I sprinkled the entire book with motivational quotes that helped me find the path I wanted to be on. If you feel stuck and need a boost of confidence and the resonating sound of motivation to keep you moving forward, please read this uplifting eBook, A Mommy‘s Motivational Guide for Working Women. This book is geared towards women, but I have found that many of my male readers appreciate knowing how a women feels in the workplace from time to time. 

Enjoy your life, your job, your family and your world. Life really is too short to be miserable. Make the change you need to make to be happy today!             

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