Change Is Good

Most of my life has been spent dreading change. Change is hard. Most people do not appreicate change even though it is part of life, and I have definitely been one of those people. 

I’ve always hated change. I hated moving into a new home, I hated watching my parents divorce, I hated my first break-up, I dreaded the last day of school and the first day of the following year. The fact is, whenever there was change in my life, there always seemed to be a negative outcome. 

I quickly realized that change doesn’t always have to be associated with negative circumstances when I first met my husband. I changed my relationship status from dating to being in a relationship. I changed locations to live half way between his work and mine. I eventually changed my name when we married and my body when I became pregnant. All of those changes were positive ones and they all led me to who I am today, a person who understands why change is good. 

Change is good because it is necessary. It is a necessary fact of life to make change so you can continue on your journey of creation, of life. The reason I was always so scared of change is because I never knew I could be in control of those changes, creating, or even seeking for, a more positive outcome from the change. Instead, I constantly focused on the negative aspects of the change. 

Looking back on your first break-up is an easy way to see a new perspective on a major change in your life. My first break-up was incredibly hard. I was seventeen and had been dating one guy for several years. At 17, being in a relationship that long is incredible. It doesn’t happen often, which is why I took the dump really hard. 

When I reflect on that situation now, I actually laugh. What did I know about being in a long-term relationship? I was 17 for crying out loud! Thank goodness I was dumped and was forced to move on with life without him. That change seemed like the hardest thing I was ever going to go through and then something like your grandparent passing away or the birth of your first child happens and you realize that change happens everyday and we MUST make the best out of each outcome. 

Life really is too short to not shed a positive light on every thing that happens on your journey through creation.

As I am writing this, I am singing happy songs in my head as today marks one year from the day I quit my most recent 9-5 office job. It has been one amazing year of change.

I was raised to work, to make money. Education was key to make it in this world. I went to a college preparatory high school to prepare me for college. My college years weren’t perfect (I was going through some serious changes, ironically), but I earned a degree at the top of my class and then immediately starting working in the corporate world, where I quickly moved up the ladder to a comfortable spot for me. I was living the dream. 

Or was I? 

After living my life this past year, working from home, raising my daughter, keeping my home, starting a business and writing an eBook, I think my life now is much closer to living the dream, my dream. It may not be everyone’s, but it surely is mine, and my husbands, and I would like to think my daughter appreciates it too. It has been an incredibly change (quitting working full-time) to undergo as a person, a wife, a mother and a women even, but this change was necessary for me to become the person I want to be and what my family would love for me to be. 

Happiness is a journey that requires change. What makes you happy? What changes will you make to get there? What changes have you made in the past that you didn’t even realize where helping you on your journey through creation? 

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