Kids Are Fantastic Marketers

It’s true! Kids make fantastic marketers. I mean, who doesn’t want to buy stuff from a child like girl scout cookies, or popcorn for a school fundraiser, or even a glass of cold lemonade that cost you a quarter. Besides being adorable and trying their very hardest to make the sale, you know you will make the purchase regardless, just because they are kids! 

When I reflect on my own childhood, I can remember numerous times where I had to be a marketer to achieve a goal. Between fundraisers for school and sports, I am sure I sold enough candy bars to make Willy Wonka jealous. 

I remember one time in particular that I had to market my personality rather than trying to sell food. At 12 years old, I was offered the experience of a lifetime to become a United States Student Ambassador. I was offered to study overseas in Australia and New Zealand. One of my personal projects before my big trip was to collect gifts for all of the people I would meet that would represent who I was and where I was from . My mother helped me put my best foot forward to network with the City hall representatives in hopes that I could get copies of the keys to the local cities in my area. I also contacted Chicago sports teams and asked for donated memorabilia. I had to explain my purpose to so many different individuals, but was able to attain everything I needed to bring with me overseas. I learned some serious lessons with that experience and I truly believe it has led me to become a marketer and to make a career out of it.

I see marketing strengths and weaknesses in my daughter now. She can sell you on anything, mostly because she is so darn cute, but her management skills are god-like. She can make you make the decision she wants you to make without you even knowing it. It’s amazing. Or maybe it’s because she is three. I think she has a bit of entrepreneurial blood in her!

I believe it is especially important to teach younger generations about the tricks of the marketing trade. Our marketing platforms are ever-changing and the next generation can learn from our current mistakes and create possibilities for the future. Marketing truly is the driving force to consumerism, and let’s face it, consumerism will never die. Marketing is not going anywhere, it will just continue to morph. Kids that grow up learning how to read on an IPad are likely the same kids that will be coding the next Facebook or Google Glass. 

Kids make fantastic marketers is no joke. Just wait until this generation of little one’s is all grown up.


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