How Do You Measure Your Success; Qualitative or Quantitative?

So, how do you measure your success?

Most people measure their success by how much money they have or how big their house is or how many times they get to eat out in a week. These are all fine ways to measure success if you are purely quantitative. I find that these types of people are only happy with their titles (VP’s or CEO’s) and are never truly happy with who they are or their personal lives. Money and material objects tend to rule their worlds, only creating temporary smiles. 

I, personally, have measured my success both as quantitative and qualitative. When I was younger, and had little to no responsibilities, my success was measured by how much money and stuff I acquired.

Eeek, I was one of them. 

My bedroom was the queen of all kids rooms, boasting its own bathroom, walk-in closet and living room space with a tv and video game access. I simply had to have the best of everything, but never wanted to work for it. Little did I know I was just a spoiled girl that needed to learn how to be successful by enjoying the experiences of life, rather than the costly rewards it sometimes came with. 

I have learned to earn my success and how to measure it differently. 

This painting is the most simple example I can give to show my success as an artist. Mine is on the left and my husbands is on the right. Clearly I did a terrible job and my husbands tree painting is a work of wonderful art. 

It was my first time painting on canvas, ever. I was nervous, shaky and embarrassed. I tried so hard to be creative with paint, but ended up painting words, a creative art form that I am not afraid of. I will obviously never make any money off of this “art”, but I was successful. I tried something new, I thoroughly enjoyed my date with my hubby and the overall experience is now a perfectly fun memory.

And that, folks, is exactly what success is all about. Facing your fears, trying new things, taking a stab at something out of your ordinary and learning from your experience. Who gives a crap how much money you have or what size house you own? What matters is that you constantly grow as a person and start measuring your own success based on the quality of the experience. 

Get happy today! Try something that you have always wanted to try (outside of your job) and go for the gold. Not the money, the exhilarating feeling that you did it!

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