Freelancer or Full-Time Employee?

Many businesses are faced with the challenge of choosing between hiring a freelancer or hiring a full-time, in-house employee. It’s a tough decision to make because, well, let’s face it, money is involved.
Most companies understand that marketing is the driving force to profits being made. Spending money in this department has to be smart. The dollars need to go to the most effective and efficient candidate where the ROI is noticeable.

Here are some things to think about when choosing where to spend your marketing salary dollars:

  • Hiring an employee with a national average marketing salary of $40K a year is more expensive than hiring an freelancer. Plus, the $40K likely does not cover health insurance and other “perks” of working in-house. Freelancers do not expect their clients to pay for health insurance.
  • Freelancers never take vacation days, sick days, waste time in the bathroom, call in late or spend wasteful minutes talking in the hallway just to avoid sitting at a desk again.
  • Freelancers never lose their drive. They have a goal just like you. However, employees may become overwhelmed, feel unappreciated or simply lack motivation because of the boring daily routine.
  • Hiring a freelancer allows you access to a dedicated person or team that will take special consideration for the well-being of your company and your growth. Let’s be honest, do your employees take a vested interest or are they simply working to earn a paycheck?
  • Freelancers like my husband and I specialize in specific areas such as marketing and have access to software, and other fancy digitally based programs, that aid in profits made for themselves and their clients. An individual employee is likely not capable of doing it all in-house. 

What am I trying to say?

Spend your dollars wisely by hiring a freelancer that is dedicated to helping you grow. Like myself, I take a vested interest in my clients because they are my lifeline to surviving. I work hard so their money is spent wisely and the ROI is there.

My passion for marketing lies in the ROI. Be happy with what you do.

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