Our Vision Board and What It Has Done for Our Family

Today marks my five year wedding anniversary with my most amazing husband. We are celebrating so much more than time well spent living and loving together. Vision

See, almost 10 years ago when we decided to finally start dating each other after being friends for 3 years prior to that, we started to dream together. That’s what lovers do, right? 

My now in-laws had introduced to us, very early in our relationship, The Secret. I am sure all your readers out there have heard of The Secret. Jacob and I fell in love with this concept of the law of attraction. We immediately started studying this way of life; practicing daily affirmations, meditating, feeling positive vibrations, giving thanks for all that we had and overall, just feeling good.  

One of the applications we decided to incorporate into our lives was the use of a Vision Board. We had been told that if you ask the universe to bring you something, either abstract like an emotion, or concrete like a material possession, the universe will respond to you. A vision board is a wonderful way to look at an image on your wall, feel the feelings of what it would be like to have that thing, and believe that you are good enough to receive it.  

I know, I know. In a way, it sounds selfish, silly and weird. We still went for it.

Today we celebrate taking down our first round of images on our vision board that we have been staring at for the last 10 years. Everything on our board has been accomplished, met, realized, manifested, or whatever word you like use to describe having the life you have always dreamed of having.

Images in our “Family Life” section include the words “sleep, baby, sleep…safely”, “Strength and Energy”, “RICH!”, “Clean Eating” and “Detox”. We wrote a check to ourselves for an amount that satisfied our debt. There is also a list of the “25 Secret of Having The Life You Really Want” from Coachville. The main secrets are to be grateful now, allowing yourself to receive the gifts of the world, love strongly and put your integrity first, your needs second and your wants third.

Our “Dream Home” section is the most obvious of our recent accomplishments. Jacob and I have always dreamed of living on a homestead where we grow and raise 50% or more of our food. Educating our children about self-sustaining living and respecting the earth are important topics to us. So, we are taking our lives of living minutes from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and moving across the country to Tennessee. Our new home awaits us and ironically reflects many of the images on our vision board, “Pure Zen”. We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity and will be excited to share our experience with our family and friends.

Jacob and I and would not be able to make this move it weren’t for our “Home-Based Success” section. We always knew we wanted (and needed) to work from home in order to be close with our children and sustain a homestead. This always seemed like a challenge, but we asked for it, and over the years worked very hard in realizing this dream. In the last few months, the opportunity simply folded right open. Jacob has been given the opportunity of a lifetime to work remotely with the same company he has enjoyed working with for the last five years. He feels incredibly blessed to be trusted with this responsibility. Our hearts are soaring.

My personal marketing business has been keeping me busy and allowing me the freedom I need to be the mommy I want to be. I have been reading the words “Home-Based Success” and “Engage, Inspire, Transform” for many years, and not until recently have I been able to reflect on this, realizing that I have been working successfully from home for the year and a half. And in a few short weeks, my husband will be doing the same.

In addition to working hard, our new addition coming March 17, 2014 has been keeping me just as busy with my eating, sleeping and growing a baby.

The final section on our vision board is “Vacation Travel”. I traveled a ton when I was a child and loved every minute of it. I want to share with my husband and kids the same experiences I had.

Jake and I have only ever traveled to tropical places together, but we seem to make it work well for us. When we were choosing a new location in the country to begin our homestead, we always imagined it only being a few hours away from a nice vacation spot. Tennessee happens to be extremely close to many major hotspots in the country including our hometowns in the Midwest. One of these hotspots is my personal favorite, Florida.

I have family in Florida, along with great memories. Our vision board shows a few images of places we have been in Florida. With the sunny state less than 10 hours away from our new home, we plan on taking many weekend getaways to explore the beaches. The fortune cookie tag in our “Vacation Travel” section reads, “Nothing can keep you from reaching your goals. Do it!”

It’s true. It took us 10 years to do it, but we did it! We have reached the hardest goals we have set for ourselves and each other.

With love, thankfulness and the ability to know you are worth your dreams, anything can be done.

Be happy and dream on. Do it with a vision board. It helps.



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