Always Align Yourself With What You Ask For

My family is BIG on manifesting the things we want in life. We practice The Secret daily and have found it to be a wonderful way to bring joy to our lives. The Secret teaches that there are three steps to manifesting, or attracting into your life, the things you want or need. 

Step 1) Ask! Ask the Universe, or God, for what you want. For the last ten years, my husband and I have been asking for a simpler life where we would be able to live off the land, but still be able to contribute to society, as well as provide for our children. We prayed, we used a Vision Board, we discussed it, and we “put it out there”. 

Step 2) Believe! Believe that you are worthy of your dreams. Believe that you are capable of having what you desire, what you have asked for. If you think the opposite, what good will the law of attraction be? You must believe that you can have what you want. When we first decided that we wanted a new lifestyle, we knew it would be a huge change and would completely turn our lives upside down and the lives our family and friends. However, we knew that change would be a necessary part of the process and we believed we could handle it and that God would not give us more than we could handle. We believed that we would be capable of the lifestyle we dreamed of and we believed that this change would satisfy our dreams, still allowing us to earn a living, provide for our family and keep us connected to our life-long already established relationships. 

Step 3) Receive! Receiving what you have asked for and believed in is the hardest part of the three step process. It is challenging because you are not always aware of what the Universe is telling you, or having you do, in order to finalize the manifestation process. It took my husband and I ten years to finally receive our dream and it was not always easy. I was put through many trials to receive such as hours of phone calls, paperwork, research and travel time. In addition, we had to spend money in order to receive the lifestyle we wanted, which was meant to reduce our spending habits and learn how to depend less on money and more on love. Outside of the administrative aspects of the receiving process, we were also faced with challenges from family and friends. Many relationships were put under stress because they were upset with our dream and upset that we were actually going through the process of receiving of it. We knew we had to get through it in order to make our dreams come true, and thank goodness, in the end, all worked out well. 

The three step process has one main law; always align yourself with what you ask for. Never stop dreaming, believing and receiving. You are worthy of your desires. You may have to go through challenges, but you must persevere and keep trucking along. 

Be happy and receive your dream, from simple things like a new bike to complicated things like a new lifestyle. Whatever it is, it can be yours!  

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