3 Easy Steps to Creating A Stellar Social Calendar

It’s that time of year again! Time to plan your 2014 social media calendars. 
Fans of your brand expect certain things of you on social platforms. They deserve to know basic information about what is happening with your business. They enjoy creative content to make them feel good about your brand. They crave interaction with you and enjoy sharing personal stories about connecting with your brand. You owe it to them to stay on top of social media engagement.

How do you know what to post to keep the engagement high?

Well, plan ahead with that social media calendar. Following a calendar will save you a ton of headaches down the road. Create your stellar yearly posting calendar by following these three easy steps.
1) Stick with a monthly theme. Having a theme will force your content to stay on track. Your followers will pick up quickly on your consistency and play along, creating their own content within your theme. This will help increase your social SEO as well. Bonus!
2) Create a weekly posting chart. Use a spreadsheet to create posts every week that match up with your monthly theme. Use images, blog posts and other resources to assist with your content creation. Schedule your posts weeks ahead and spend your time engaging in real time.
3) Check your SM calendar daily. What can you change? What can you improve? How has your conversation shifted? A stellar calendar is always morphing as your business grows.
Remember, your calendar does nothing for you without you actually implementing what is plugged into it. Plan appropriately for your audience. You will gain respect, trust and profits with the right tools in place. 
Another tip: do this process with a smile and be proud of your work. It will only make it easier, better and more fun. Stay positive and engage often! 
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