Engage With Other Communities Online

Engaging with various online communities is a great way to build your own online community, develop a rave about your brand and establish a promising following of advocates.
It is recommended that you communicate with other brands, organizations and individuals that will ultimately help you achieve your online goals and initiatives.

Below is a basic outline of how to find and interact with online communities to your best benefit.

1) Find Your Fans: You need to establish who your best target community consists of. Who are you trying to sell your product to? What is this person like? What types of things does this person enjoy? How does this person think and talk? Once you have these answers, do some research and find where this ideal “fan” is hiding out. Which online communities does this person already communicate with? Create a list of your top ten communities to start engaging with and go for it.
2) Mingle and Message: Hang out within the virtual walls of your ideal community. Learn about them and understand where their current conversation is headed. Approach them with a strong message. You might want to include a deal or a striking image when initiating the conversation. A planned out approach will bring you much more success.
3) Be Honest and Keep It Simple: Once you begin engaging with your new fans, be sure to uphold a good, honest image. People can see right through the BS so it’s best to simply not put it out there. Keep your message short, to the point and full of truth.
4) Respectfully Respond: Engaging is not just talk to people, but responding as well. Remember, be nice and honest. People might not always have nice things to say to you or about your brand, but responding with respect is always a good thing. It shows that you aren’t afraid of putting yourself out there because you have faith that your brand will succeed.
5) Communicate Creatively: It’s okay to get a little creative, maybe even edgy. People follow brands that have fun personality. People also like to participate, so try to create campaigns and messages that allow your followers to become involved. It’s okay to have fun! 

The most important thing to remember is to simply be there.
Having your own online community for people, customers and potential advocates to turn to is extremely important. There is no perfect way to gain online engagement success, but not trying is a sure way fail.
What are you doing to build your online communities? Let me know how I can help. And remember, social engagement to build your brand should be fun and exciting. 
Be happy and earn your potential online today! 
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