Remain Happy in Your Third Trimester With These 5 Things

If you have ever been pregnant or are currently pregnant, you know that there are many woes to overcome throughout each trimester. With all the crazy hormones, body changes and lack of energy, remaining happy in the third trimester can be extremely difficult. At 30 weeks, most women are ready to be done.

It’s the, “Get that baby outta me!” stage.

I recently had a close friend complain on Facebook about how awful she was starting to feel as she was nearing her third trimester. I remember her pains and wished I had someone talk to at that stage with my first pregnancy. When I read her post, I immediatly called her to help ease her mind. I shared with her some basic tricks to remain calm and happy so she could get through to the end.

These 5 things will allow you to keep your cool in the hardest part of pregnancy…the home stretch.

1) The end result. Seriously, how great is the end result? Seeing a life you created out of love is the single most amazing thing humans ever get to experience. Treasure the feeling and focus on the end result, your baby. I know the thought will make you smile.

2) The fact that you made it this far. Congratulations! You’ve helped your baby grow for a seriously long time and surely have endured incredible changes. Pat yourself on the back. You’re doing great! Raise your vibes while focusing on how amazing you are.

3) Eat what you enjoy within reason, of course. I’m all for this in the third trimester. Your baby has the largest growth spurts within the last ten weeks, so why not indulge in meals you truly enjoy. Just make sure you aren’t only eating ice-cream and salty snacks. Give your body proper nourishment, but don’t hold back on your cravings. Keep your belly and your mind happy.

4) Nap when you can. This may be tough if you have a job, are married, have other children or have any life at all, but I promise you, you can always find a few minutes to nap. Your body needs rest. Relaxing for a few minutes a day will surely make you feel better, giving you more energy during your last few weeks of pregnancy as it prepares you for those sleepless nights to come.

5) Give thanks for your current life, significant other, etc. Be grateful for what’s in your life now! Say a prayer or positive affirmation to affirm all the wonderful things happening in your daily experiences. Your attitude of gratitude will surely bring about more wonderful experiences and with your labor and delivery around the corner, your third trimester is a great time to manifest a good birthday story for your baby.

If you are currently pregnant, hang in there. Your end result is near. Hopefully you can focus on the five things above and remain happy through the last leg of the pregnancy race.

As I am writing this blog post, I am 34 weeks pregnant. I just consumed a bowl of chicken pot pie soup. I am about to take a nap and have already said my daily affirmations out loud, telling the world how grateful I am for my life.

I know. Awesome! 


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