My Ever-So Supportive Husband: A Response to a Levo League Blog Post; A Love Letter to all the Men who Love Entrepreneurial Women

Zuhairah Scott Washington, author of the Levo League blog post “A Love Letter to all the Men who Love Entrepreneurial Women“, said it best when she thanked all the men who support and love women who run their own businesses. These men are incredibly special people solely because of the patience they posses and the understanding they have for the entrepreneurial women in their lives. 

I know a special man who has these very qualities. His name is Jacob, my husband and life partner. When I read Ms. Washington’s article, I became immediately filled with gratitude towards my husband. I knew I had to put my feelings into written word, letting the world know how lucky I am to do what I do and to have Jacob rooting me on every step of the way. 

When Jacob and I first met many years ago, we both worked corporate jobs, sitting behind cubicle walls watching the clock tick, dreaming of a different way of life. We survived, but we were not as happy in our daytime positions as we could be. We often chatted about “the better life”. In our minds, that meant earning an income doing what we love from the comfort of our home. Jake referred to this dream as “retiring at 30”.

Jake pushed me to fight for my dreams. He constantly challenged my beliefs about having a normal job. I always thought that working outside of an office was impossible. Earning an income as my own boss would never work. Society would simply not allow me to make it on my own. 

It took me seven years, and a fantastic getaway, to stop thinking that way. Jacob took me on vacation to Florida after I had been traveling for my job for several months. He knew I needed a break. The week before my much-needed break, I had my worst week ever. I became confused in my day to day tasks, disturbed by inner office commentary and had reached a low point in my career. I had a two year old daughter at the time and my state of depression was effecting her as well, hence the much-needed vacation. 

While sitting in the pool, Jacob held my hand and told me that my job was consuming me. He said he could tell I was not happy, I was traveling too much when my family needed me and that I had become my job instead of just performing a job. 

Tears streamed down my face. I knew what I needed to do.

I needed to make a serious change. Jacob told me to think about doing what I love and letting the laws of nature make it work for me. With his advice, I quit my full-time desk job the day I returned to work from vacation. After putting in my notice, I walked out those grey doors with a giant smile on my face. It was a face of determination. 

I rushed home and began building my personal brand. I gained a host of clients and collected paychecks written to my name. Soon after that, I was a partner for another online agency. Not too long after that, I was selling numerous copies of my first eBook. I was earning more than enough money and I was performing all my tasks from home, with my daughter right next to me and my husband cheering me on from the sidelines. 

Jacob never gave up on me. He still hasn’t. We both work from home now, two children later, and are able to raise our kids, maintain our homestead and enjoy running our marketing and coaching business together. The keyword here is together

Jacob is my partner, my other half, my coach, my cheerleader. He believes in me. He supports me in all my decisions. He teaches me to see the other side of things, guiding me to pursue my biggest challenges. He helps me accomplish goals and sees that I always create new ones. He deserves a huge pat on the back for being one of the single most loving men I know by showing me and our family love. 

Jacob, thank you, thank you, thank you. Without your support, I could never call myself a “mompreneur”. 

Ms. Washington, thank you for opening the eyes of many to the “special breed” of men out there that support entrepreneurial women. It is extremely important that these loving men get a heaping load of gratitude from time to time so us women can continue to do what we do.


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