Garden Plant Markers

Tis’ the season for gardening here in Tennessee. We are so excited to use our first Spring preparing our garden to grow over 50% of our food. We have done so much work already including tilling the beds, pulling weeds out and laying pathways. Whew!

One thing we wanted to do with our homestead and our business was to combine them with elements of us. Our property has billions of rocks (seriously not an exaggeration) so we wanted to use these natural resources to help brand our farm business. We have used rocks everywhere to help mark different spots on our property. My husband even made a master suite patio using stones and telephone poles and he tiled the mother-in-law suite bathroom shower using smaller rocks and pebbles. It’s all amazing.

I really want guests that visit our homestead to remember us by our splash of fun, creative use of rock. 

My plan with our garden is to allow guests to “shop” the beds, picking fresh fruits and veggies for purchase or individuals can purchase my very own salsa, chutney or spread’s canned in mason jars. Whenever a purchase is made, a mason jar full of one of my special creations will be donated to our local food bank. 

We spent a beautiful Saturday morning painting rocks and labeling them for our garden beds. We will be able to use these garden plant markers year after year and they are unique to our farm. I love them! 

Plus, they add to my colorful marketing scheme for our newly branded business

Be happy! Grow food and paint rocks! 


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