My First Teacher Appreciation Gift

Okay, the time has come. My daughter is finishing up her first “semester” of school ever and her teachers deserve a huge pat on the back. Nori has grown so much over the last few months in her preschool class for three year old kids. Much of the credit must go to her loving, caring teachers.

I remember giving gifts to my preschool teachers over 25 years ago! It is a special memory for me seeing my teachers faces full of joy accepting something made by my own two hands.

I felt it necessary to pass the tradition on to Nori. 

She is so good in the kitchen, we decided to make a special recipe of sugar scrubs, something she could mix and package all on her own.  
The lavender sugar scrubs look classy in the cute mason jars. Tied to them are Nori’s hands cut out of colorful construction paper with the message “Thank you for your helping “hands”. Have a “smooth” summer! Love, Nori”. 

She and I love how they turned out and cannot wait to gift them to her three amazing teachers. We really do hope they feel special since they made Nori feel so incredibly special all school year long. 

Be happy and appreciate all the teachers!  

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