Upcycled Birthday Gift; BBQ Sauce Bottles

One of my husband and my dreams with changing our lifestyle from corporate to country was to start creating more art with our hands. The trick with sticking to the rules of running a homestead though, is to try to use items that can be up-cycled.

Challenge accepted!

Here is the story behind one of my husbands first projects using a bottle and a etching tool:

A childhood friend of mine threw a birthday party for her husband who would be celebrating his 40th. The party invite had a request to gift the birthday boy some kind of BBQ related item. He is a great cook and enjoys creating his own blends of hot sauce and BBQ sauce.  When we met my husband 5 years ago, he gave Jacob two bottles of his homemade sauce to enjoy.  Jacob still had the bottles he gave him stashed away in storage. Jacob took the opportunity to carve a couple of bottles for him as a gift. They worked as perfect canvases for his gift. The birthday boy loved them!

The best part, the bottles will be used over and over again AND we spent our time instead of our money to honor our good friends birthday.



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