Why My Blog Was Born

Ahhhhh, another blog has entered this crazy blogging world. And it is being written by a mom. Does that classify this blog as a mommy blog?

I don’t think it does.

So, where do I begin? Corporate to Country somewhat speaks for itself. It’s in the name folks!

I grew up in various city-like settings with parents that worked full-time. I was raised to get an education, get a job and make money. The problem with that way of life is it never kept me fully satisfied or happy. I missed my kid during the day, worked too many hours away from home during the week AND on the weekends and I never accomplished any normal household errands.

But (and a big but if that) is that society expects us to do the same thing. Go to school, go to work, let someone else raise your children, earn money to pay rent, buy food, etc. The definition of this lifestyle reads, “See also checklist.”

Life is not meant to be a checklist of chores. And why is it we can’t do any of these said chores without money and we need a job to earn money and that very job takes up too much time to do anything on the checklist?

See also BORING! See also NOT FAIR!

Before I continue, I need you to understand one thing about me. I LOVE my past jobs and all that I learned working in the corporate world. I loved the money. I loved making relationships with my co-workers. I just hated that I never saw my kid (or the sun for that matter) or had the chance to do anything that I enjoyed. And I’m not one to continue doing something that takes away, or adds little to no value, from living an ultimately happy life.

I always think of the saying “if you love what you do, you will be rich”.

I want to feel joy 100% of the time.

Joy for me means spending time with my kids, reaping what I sow, challenging myself to be better for me and not for someone else’s dream. Joy is basking in the warm sun. It’s tilling a garden knowing I will benefit from my work and earning money from my real talents.

It struck one day when I was sitting at my cubicle desk. The strangest thought just struck me sideways.

I thought to myself, “Self, you don’t have to live like this anymore. Money is not everything. Even your pride is obsolete. Just get up, quit your job, go home and hug your child. Life can and WILL be better than this.”

And that is exactly what I did.

After leaving that job, I never looked back to the corporate lifestyle. I only continued to pursue my dream of living a simple life. A life where I could teach my kids that the “hamster wheel” society pushes us to ride is not all that it seems to be. Life is meant to be lived!

My husband and I spent years practicing affirmations, attitudes of gratitude and visualizing what that life would be like. We always went to the same place in our dreams…a cabin in the woods where at least 50% of our life would be self-sustained, living off the land. The other 50% would be sustained by our jobs and that would be home-based.

He wanted to blacksmith in his spare time. I dreamt of having a huge garden and orchard and a variety of animals to care for. We both visualized what eating dinner while looking out to our yard from our future deck would look like. We could hear our kids laughter as they played in the pool.

And then it happened. My husband was blessed with the opportunity to work remotely from home. I was already running a few side businesses from home and was feeling financially free enough to make some major changes.

We decided to go for it! We began researching places to start the next chapter of our lives.

On a vacation trip to visit my dad in Middle Tennessee, we decided to look at a few homes with an agent. One particular home was listed on the internet and we had been ogling over it for weeks. When we walked through the front door, we turned to each other and said, “This is it!”

We put an offer on the home before our house in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was even up for sale. We knew with a little visual manifestation and positive thinking, we could sell the house in no time.

Sure enough, we sold within weeks and our cabin in Tennessee was ready for us to move in.

Our journey to the country life had started in late 2013.

So why was my blog born?

To invite readers, viewers and believers into my families life. We are big city folk trying to make it BIG in the middle of the woods now. Some people call us crazy! We call it an experience of a lifetime.

We chop trees to heat our home. We use stones on our property to build patios and bonfire pits. We upcycle materials to help us accomplish daily gardening tasks. We are growing our own food and reducing our wastes. We are homesteaders in the making.

Our lives have changed dramatically and we want to share it with you. I personally want my blog to help you realize that you can do ANYTHING you want in this life.  Corporate to Country

Dream big!

I did. My family did. And now we are living our dreams.

You can too!

Follow me and learn how.

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