Living Without Credit Cards IS Possible

I have worked with several people that laugh when I ask them what their ideal financial situation would look like. Most respond, “Well, I would like to be credit card debt free!”

Listen up folks…you can live your life without credit cards.

When I was 17, I received my very first credit card offer in the mail. I was very tempted to apply for it, but my mom convinced me to wait. So I did.

I received these intriguing invites from then on nearly weekly. However, I am still waiting to get one.

Yep! You heard that right.

I still do not have a credit card. CreditCard

My husband and I have lived our entire lives without a single credit card. Our only debt is our home and our cars. Other than that, whatever we buy is within our means and paid for with cash.

Don’t get me wrong, I have had some months where I struggled to budget well and then I have had months where I decided to go crazy at the nearest mall because I saved so well. Either way, I survived. My family survived.

When I worked in the corporate world, money was no object. I made more than enough to support my family without my husband needing to work. So why did I quit? Well, the corporate world was not the life I wanted to live. Sure, money was wonderful, but my family, my health and my life meant so much more to me.

Once I left my 9-5 job, I began to budget even more-so. We were down to one solid income and whatever extra money I made helped, but we did not depend on it.

I started working with a partner on an online marketing agency. Start-up costs were annoying and I asked my partner to cover my costs when we first started until we earned our first paycheck. It wasn’t necessary for me to do that…I had the money…but it made me feel safe. She used her credit card to pay for the initial business expenses while I held onto my cash.

So you are probably wondering how I do it. How in the world do I live my life without a credit card?

Well, I live within my means like I said. I have a family of four. I know exactly how much food we consume, what our medical expenses are, how much gas we use, what our lifestyle bills will be, etc. There is simply no reason, no excuse whatsoever, that we need to go outside of that budget. Sure, everyone likes a little extra something here and there, and we do too, but that is why we PAY OURSELVES FIRST.

My dad taught me that when I was a kid. Whatever money we earn, we pay ourselves a nice chunk to our savings and use the rest to pay off our monthly debt in order to survive. The money in our savings is then used for our extra delights like vacations, shopping sprees, toys, and other fun miscellaneous items.

You see? It is totally possible to live without credit cards. Maybe you don’t want to and that is fine. However, I have met several people that do want to live credit card debt free. I simply tell them to figure out their monthly budget and learn to survive by not going above and beyond.

Money buys stuff, not happiness. Period.



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