Top 5 Things I No Longer Stress About After Leaving the Corporate World

So the 9-5 thing is not for everyone. Let’s face it…your work day really begins at 5am and does not end until 11pm. If you have kids, that schedule can change daily.

The 9-5 job life was definitely not ideal for me. Although I was raised to be in this type of setting, I was against it even as a child. My parents worked long hours and dinner talk was always about how stressful their jobs were. My father was forced to leave on business trips several times a month, leaving me in tears, squeezing my mom tight. I felt lonely when he was gone.Top5

I knew when I became a parent that I never wanted my children to have those feelings because of me. Well, it happened. My last corporate based job sent me traveling several times a month, leaving my two year old daughter with my husband who also had a full-time office job.

It was hard on all of us.

After living this schedule for a couple of years, I had had enough. I had watched my parents work this crazy lifestyle for 28 years, I tried it out for 7 years and decided to be done.

Since leaving the corporate world, I have noticed my stress levels have lowered significantly. There are five main things I no longer worry about and for that I am thankful.

1) Schedules and routines no longer matter. Most parents would disagree with me here. I have been told that kids benefit greatly from having a daily concrete schedule, but honestly, I find schedules to be more chaotic. If you miss something or are late for an activity or a meal, all hell breaks lose.

Not my cup of tea!

I always manage to get the things I need to get done, done. My kids are well fed, clothed and happy. My pets are living a happy life as well. My house is kept clean and my “housewife” errands are always achieved. Do I do them all at the same time everyday? No. Do my kids get stressed out about it? No. In fact, my kids are thriving from not having a set routine. If something changes, they go with the flow. I am so grateful they do not throw fits if meal time does not happen at the same exact hour every day.

2) Saving vacation days and sick days has become obsolete. Thank goodness! I would constantly stress out when it was time to ask for vacation. What if I needed those days to stay home with my sick kid? What if I need more sick days because I got sick or a family member passed away and I needed to travel for a funeral? I just hated having to worry about the limited amount of time I was given to take off from work to live my life.

Now that I work from home, I never have vacation days or sick days. I work whenever I have work and I vacate whenever I want to and if any of my family gets sick, I am here, no matter what.

3) I will never miss another milestone that my kids make. When I was working, constantly, I missed out on all my daughter’s firsts. Her grandmother watched her and was able to enjoy them all, not me. I am still so incredibly sad about this. I was blessed with a second child and refuse to let this be my reality again. I have not missed out on anything with my son and have not missed any new milestones with my daughter.

No parent’s job should ever take away from seeing their child grow up.

4) I only need to impress myself, and even that is not necessary. When I worked in my little cubicle I felt like I was constantly being watched. I was forced to be someone I was not solely to impress my bosses that could care less about who I was a person. I did my job and I did it well, but I was being fake and letting my ego run my life. I thought acting a certain way would help me get higher in the company quicker, allowing me to make more money and have more freedom. That was not the case. Once I decided to be myself and not wear a mask at work, I actually ran into more problems. It was evidence that the “higher-up’s” preferred me to be fake and did not hire me as a person, they hired my skills.

I get it, but I don’t like it.

Being my own boss and still offering the world the same skills brings my stress levels WAY down.

5) Money ain’t no thing. This is the biggest one of all. The corporate world has plenty of money to go around and I loved getting my hands on it. The more, the better. I tried everything in my day job to increase my pay and I was quite pleased with my bi-weekly paycheck. That thought process is ridiculous though.

Money is nice and necessary to survive, but it is not everything. If you hate what you do and you have your priorities backwards, then you are not living your ultimate happy life. If you love what you do, then you will be rich! Not always rich with money, but rich in love, happiness and joy.

That is where I am currently at. I pay my bills and I have money for food and all the other necessities in life. But even more-so, I have love…an abundance of love, happiness and joy. I have never felt richer! My stress levels are down and my joy levels are up.

What can be better than that?


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