4 Things I Didn’t Know Until I Quit My Job

When I was working full-time, my brain, and life, were completely occupied with my job responsibilities. Almost constantly I was consumed by what I had to do next for work. I barely knew who I was, what made me happy, or worse yet, what made my kid happy.  Quit and Learn

After a much needed family vacation, I realized how unhappy I truly was. It was decided in those awakening moments that when I returned to work, I would be quitting my job to never return again.

Once the deed was done, I was left to learn many things. I learned about myself, my child, my happiness, our happiness as a family and much, much more. There are four life lessons that really struck me however. I would never have known these four things if I hadn’t quit the corporate lifestyle.

1) If you don’t love what you do for a living, you are not actually living at all. This is a weird thought to have actually. I always believed that I loved my job(s). I knew I was good at my career. I was given raises, promotions, and a pat on the back from time to time. I never really knew how much I sincerely disliked what I was doing for a living.


Well, because I wasn’t actually living. I was simply earning a paycheck for a skill I had and knowledge I possessed, but it was on someone else’s terms, time and dreams. Not my own. Once I quit my job and took that same skill-set and knowledge to create my own business, to become my own boss, I started living. I began to love my job…and my life.

2) Happiness is not supposed to have an on/off switch. It is meant to be “on” at all times. What is the point of being here on earth, having life experiences, if we cannot be happy each and every day? It’s crazy! I understand that sometimes negative things happen to us or to the people we love, but we always have the option of choosing happiness.

With the stress of my daily 9-5 office job, I felt like I never had a choice to be happy while at work. I only had one choice, to make someone else happy…my boss.

That is not my choice of preference now. I choose to live a joyful life everyday. I wake up every morning and deliberately choose happy thoughts. Life is meant to be this way!

3)  You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. Wow! What an eye opener! When I went to work, I surrounded myself with negativity for nearly 10 hours a day. That is no way to live. In fact, it is the single most draining thing an individual can do.

If you surround yourself with positive people, who are choosing a life of joy, you will only attract more of that feeling. If you want to be rich with money, surround yourself with people who have money. If you want to be healthy, stop hanging around smokers, drinkers and over-eaters. If you want to be creative, start hanging out with an artistic bunch.

You have a choice to choose your relationships. Sometimes working in an office setting forces us to create relationships with our co-workers. Maybe your situation is the opposite of what mine had been, and that is wonderful. Or, maybe your situation is exactly what mine had been and you feel like you are being drained of any positive life you may have left in you because your job is squeezing it all out of you. Make a change. Choose wisely.

4) Money only buys stuff. I have said this before in past blog posts. I will continue to drive it home. Working in corporate America will absolutely get you a paycheck that you will likely love. Your money will allow you to have a home, a vehicle, day care services and other worldly possessions, but is it buying you happiness? Is it buying you a life that you feel is worthy to reflect on?

When I quit my day job, I quit having a bunch of extra money per week. I say “extra” because my husband still works full-time. It was a lot of money to say goodbye to.

Was it worth it?


That money was buying me stuff, not happiness. I wasn’t happier with having that money. Sure, it helped afford my home and the gas to get to my job, but I missed out on seeing my kid during the day and I wasn’t able to do things I really wanted to do because I never had the time.

So, the money went away, but the happiness finally came. I now get to be with my children everyday, I get to do fun things every single minute of the day and I still can afford to survive!

Life is good.



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