Control Your Thoughts With The Way You Speak…Easy

My husband and I have been practicing the “secret” for many years now. We know it works…our lives are a true testimony that the law of attraction is real. If you are unfamiliar with what I am talking about, it is all very simple. The secret to life and undeniable happiness is understanding the law of attraction…what you think is what you get.

I have trained my brain to focus on only good thoughts. Sometimes I fail, and that is okay. Most of the time I succeed and when I am capable of controlling these happy, positive thoughts, I am affirming all the wonderful things in my life.

What happens then?

Who cares you say?

Well, when you affirm all the wonderful things in your life, you attract more of those things.

So how do you get started with this simple thought controlling exercise?

Speak easy.

These words, “speak easy” are the title of one of my favorite songs by the band 311. Although there are many songs out there that describe how the secret works, this particular songs speaks volumes to me.

Basically, if you are aware of how you speak about your life, then you are capable of controlling your thoughts about your life. Speak easy, speak freely, speak well and all we be just that…well.

Below are some of the lyrics that I have focused on in the past. Please enjoy the song video as well.

311: Speak Easy

“Lift the roof off your soul”

“Be wise and be smart”

“Out on the ocean
There’s no one around
No one to hear a sound
It’s just us out here
Out on the ocean
Speaking free”

“Away from the city
Away from the ears that
Bug us and judge us
It’s so liberating
To be free
And my heart slows down”

“Nice and easy
And your breathing will be pleasing
Just speak easy
And say what’s on your mind”

“If there’s a shadow in your life
Then there’s sunshine
Things turning inside out
All the time
Just rewind
It’s all in your mind”




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