Do What You Love

Before reading the bulk of this post, please watch this video of Jim Carrey giving a commencement speech at a college.

Jim Carrey got it right. Do what you love. Don’t waste your time doing what society thinks you should do, or living a life that you are unhappy with. It is the most unhealthy, uneasy way to live.

Let me share my story with you.

It wasn’t until I recently reflected on who I am, what I love and what truly makes me happy before I realized what the answers to all of those questions were. When I was a child, I loved making up stories, writing poetry, pretending to broadcast on the radio, dressing up like a cowgirl and playing with animals. My favorite memories were family vacations out West where I could explore nature on my own terms. I loved bike rides with my dad on trails and finding fishing holes to spend the afternoon waiting for a bite.

I still have happy feelings when I think about those days.

But then I grew up and forgot about those things. I forgot about what actually made me feel really good. I forgot about all the simple things in life.

Why did I forget?

Well, I think it was around the time I graduated college and landed my first “real” job. No one ever told me you could be or do whatever you want (maybe they did, but not so easily done I guess). I was told to get a job, pay for your life and move forward, grow up.

I truly believed I was doing what made me happy. I became a marketing coordinator and was beginning my career in the marketing industry. I was making money, affording my lifestyle, getting married and starting a family. I climbed the corporate ladder for seven years and had my first child before I realized I was miserable.Dowhatyoulove

Miserable that I wasn’t doing what really made me happy. Miserable that I could not be with my kid every day. Miserable that my job did not appease to who I was as a person. It only gave me a paycheck, not a smile.

I did not love my life or what I was doing with it.

I reflected on all that I had learned about life. Just like Carrey said in his speech, if you ask the universe, it will deliver. All I needed to do was figure out who I was, what I loved and what truly made me feel joy. And then ask!

I remembered my childhood and felt free again. I smiled during that moment of reflection.

After some drastic changes, I am now writing daily about experiences I have with my kids, my homestead, my country life and my animals. I am doing what I love, shaping myself all over again and realizing a joy so deep that I cannot help but share it.

Don’t lose yourself to someone else’s dreams or expectations of you. Don’t get a job to be rich with money, get one to be rich with happiness. Don’t live off of the land like a survivalist if you would prefer to live in a mansion. Don’t continue to do your daily routine if it feels like hard work to you. See, nothing in this world is safe or secure other than love and happiness. If you do not have those two things in your life, than you are simply not living. Without love and happiness you simply cannot be rich, wealthy or healthy.

Do what you love. Start to be you.





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