Relocation Factors to Consider When Choosing The Simple Life

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and start living a more simple life. Good for you!

The simple life is known to be not-so-simple as hard work and good planning are needed to maintain your life. However, living more minimally is awfully rewarding. RelocationFactors

I came from a corporate-based lifestyle where the homes I have lived in were very cookie-cutter with modern amenities in suburbia America. Working hard meant going to an office job and spending most of my time there, performing a task to benefit someone else’s fantastic lifestyle. Earning a paycheck was necessary to pay for the home I barely lived in, for food that was quick and easy and for gas to fuel my car.

I now live a more simple life. I run a homestead. I live in a log cabin on nearly 20 acres where my days work is spent in the garden, the orchard or the animal coops. I don’t need gas money to fuel my car because I don’t really need to go anywhere. A very large portion of my food is grown in my garden, preserved for future use or cooked the day I harvest. Best of all, the home I chose to live in is actually LIVED IN.

I thank this great big universe for leading my family and I into a wonderful new lifestyle in a “perfect for our family” location.

Choosing a location when choosing the simple life is incredibly important. Your new life beginning somewhere away from what you currently call “home” can be scary, exciting and nerve-wracking. There are many things to consider when uprooting your life, especially if you are wanting to homestead or live off the grid.

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a new location for your simple life.

1) Climate. Some like hot, some like it cold. Which do you prefer? Okay, now ask yourself this. Do you want to grow your own food? If you prefer cold weather, how will you grow food?

One of the major things my husband and I considered when deciding we wanted to relocate our lives was the weather. We both grew up in the Midwest where there are always four seasons. We like seasonal changes, but we loved the thought of having some seriously hot days. We wanted to experience four seasons, but we new the South would deliver a less harsh winter.  We also wanted to make sure that two of the seasons would allow us to grow a decent garden. We moved from Wisconsin to Tennessee. Our new home state has matched our expectations of a perfect climate for us.

2) Type of home. I would assume that if you are going to start living a more simple life, you would be down-sizing your home no matter what. Now we need to figure out what type of home best suites your new desires with your new lifestyle. Do you want to build a home? Do you want to live in a log cabin or a tiny home? Maybe you are considering a mobile home. There are a plethora of options.

My husband and I always dreamed of living in a log cabin in the woods. The thought of a wood-burning stove heating our faces in the dead of winter gave us chills (figuratively speaking).  We loved the idea of having all wood walls, ceilings and floors. We dreamed of a rustic looking home where a little dirt wouldn’t hurt it. A place where our kids would enjoy their spaces but would understand they didn’t need a whole lot of room to be happy.

Our new cabin is just that. Our happy place we call home.

3) Land. What type of land do you need for your idea of leading a simple life? Again, will you be gardening? How about raising livestock? Do you want to fish or have a natural source of water? There are too many follow up questions to list.

When I considered my new lifestyle, I thought long and hard about how big I wanted my garden and how many fruit trees I wanted as well as showing my kids fun things out in nature. I knew the land I was going to be populating needed to be big enough for a self-sustaining lifestyle, have healthy soil for growing food and possibly elevation and a body of water for any future livestock I wanted to raise.

My husband and I were lucky to have found such awesome land. It came with a raised bed garden, a 12 tree orchard, a pasture and pond for chickens and ducks, as well as acreage of woods to take my kids on trail walks.

4) Finances. Just because you want to start your simple life doesn’t mean your wallet will allow you to today. There are financial factors to think about before moving. How much will it cost you to sell your current home? What amount of money are you willing to sacrifice for your new property taxes? Will you need extra money to fix any problems with your new home?

When my family and I were getting ready to sell our home in order to make the move to the simple life, we were a family with one solid income and one variable income. Selling our home was a scary thought because there was a large possibility that we would have to bring thousands of dollars to the table. With a variable income, we were putting ourselves out there to risk it.

On the other hand, we were already risking it big time. We had made an offer on another home with a contingency to sell. We also asked that our new home be written up as an agriculturally sound piece of land. Why you ask? Well, that would allow us to purchase with a USDA loan.

Ladies and gentleman, no money down. I repeat, no money down.

I’m stressing this particular point simply because it made everything possible for my husband and I. We were so glad we asked about a USDA loan and that the process was easy. It allowed us to occupy the property without needing to put any money down for the final purchase price.


Needless to say, we sold our old home and began our new life.

Do you see how choosing a new home location really makes you ask yourself some life-changing questions? Keep asking them and keep evolving. You will eventually realize what you want, need and already have. You will learn what type of simple lifestyle you are ready to live.

Good luck and enjoy!


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