How My Husband and I Stay Home Full-Time

With the recent push of my personal blog and website, Corporate To Country, I have had many inquiries about how I was able to make the move from working full-time in an office to living in the woods and managing a homestead with my husband and kids. It is extremely hard to answer without first breaking it down to two main points; visualization and action. StayHome

Visualizing what we wanted our lives to be like was easy and fun. We created a vision board that hosted images of our dream home, dream vacation, home life, family life and a perfect financial situation for us and our needs. We often discussed what it would be like to homestead and how the challenging life would be incredibly rewarding as well as educational for our children. We wrote down lists of things that made us happy, that brought us joy. We created a gratitude journal for our entire family so that we could document wonderful events and experiences that we were thankful for. Visualizing our dream became part of our daily routine.

Now that we are living our dream, we add more things to our gratitude book than we do to our vision board. However, with growing children and a growing homestead, we are visualizing new dreams and goals each and everyday.

Taking action on realizing our dream life was much more challenging than simply thinking and talking about it. The first thing we needed to figure out was our finances. We were not entirely sure if it was a good idea for me to quit my corporate position and lose my retirement benefits. We weren’t very sure if I had other options to earn an income. In addition, my husband was working full-time at an office as well. We had to ask ourselves if our dream was truly possible.

After making lists of bills, finding a suitable home, understanding the chances we would take with selling our suburban-based home and planning what our new life would cost us, we decided to take some major action.

My husband works on a computer and was blessed with the opportunity to work remotely from home. With an opportunity like that, we knew we were one step closer to being able to stay home full-time, becoming homesteaders for the first time in our lives.

I had left my 9-5 job knowing that I could continue internet-based marketing as a freelancer.  As a marketer, I know there are many ways to earn money. I have multiple streams of income as a stay-at-home mom. Besides freelance marketing, I have a couple of eBooks that I sell on Amazon and I now coach individuals on how to go from a corporate lifestyle to a simple lifestyle.

Fast forward to the present day. My husband and I stay home full-time and are able to do so because we visualized our dream and took action to make it happen. We both work to receive an income but our money earned is spent primarily on mortgage.

Homesteading is the REAL reason why we are able to be home full-time.

Our dream realized was to become more self-sufficient, living off the land as much as possible. We wanted to have more experiences as a family instead of spending 80% of our time in an office. We wanted to raise our kids together instead of paying a babysitter so we could work more. We wanted to grow our own food to reduce costs at the grocery store as well as eat healthier. We wanted to forge our property for medicinal plants to learn how to treat our kids illnesses naturally. We wanted to have enough trees on our land so that we could heat our home with our wood burning stove to eliminate heating costs. We wanted to reduce our gas costs by not having to leave our home everyday. Quote38

All of these things became possible for us. Once we understood what we truly wanted out of life, we simply dreamed about it. We took action steps to make it all work out for us.

So to answer the original question of how I was able to quit the corporate life and move my family to a cabin homestead, and am able to raise my children with my husband home with me every minute of the day, well, we made it work for us by visualizing our new life, taking action on making the shift happen and knowing what was truly possible for us.

I hope that my story and experiences help you find your way to manifesting your own dream life.

Visualize and act!




10 Comments on “How My Husband and I Stay Home Full-Time

  1. Setting goals. Planning with those goals in mind. Taking action! Great advice! Thank you.

    • So glad to here you are making positive changes for yourself. Sure, things can appear scary, but YOUR LIFE is waiting for you. Enjoy and best of luck to you!

  2. I’m so glad you made the change. I need to follow your blog now because I’m so inspired. We try in our own way to do some of the sustainable things but havent made the big leap just yet. I guess I’ve now learnt that it requires the whole family to visualise and be on the same page. Thanks for sharing.X

    • Wow! Great!! I am so glad you were inspired. I am on a mission to share my experiences so that others can begin to realize it is POSSIBLE to make the change and make it work. Thanks for stopping by!

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