I’m Giving Up On Perfection…kissing it goodbye!

My parents, with the help of our society, raised me to understand what “perfection” means. Perfect behavior during my childhood was a must. Perfect grades at school was expected of me. Perfect scores at my sports competitions were meant to be accomplished. Perfect relationships were sought after. A perfect job was what life was leading up to.

Perfection is simply part of our way of living.

When I worked in corporate America, I brought perfection to my work-space. I sat up straight at my desk, spoke eloquently and worked hard to be the best at my responsibilities. Sometimes I even changed who I was and how I acted to impress the “higher-ups”.

I had a perfectly fancy car to live up to my perfectly fancy title. I would go home to my perfect little home that was always perfectly clean. I nearly broke my back trying to keep my life in order with the utmost perfection to the point that my child never had any dirt on her face. She would not eat an entire meal without having to wash her face off several times because she thought she may upset me with her not-so-perfectly-clean grin.

PerfectionWell, I left that way of life. I am giving up on perfection…kissing it goodbye!

Enough is enough!

Ever since I moved to the country to change my lifestyle, I have developed a new definition of perfection, MY true meaning of word. Perfection means having and spending time with family and loved ones. It means experiencing things that make us feel whole. Perfection is teaching others how to LIVE and THRIVE, not just exist.

Perfection is enjoying LIFE! Heck, perfection is LIVING!

Look at me now…I rarely sit up straight and I speak as much jargon as I dang well please.  My once obsessively perfectly clean house is now perfectly messy with toys, dirt tracks from the garden,art projects and speckles of fun that I have had with my kids. I sold my perfect car when I realized that having two vehicles is silly when neither myself nor my husband work outside of the home. I no longer need a perfect little title to prove to the world what my worth is…my new title is “mom”. To top it off, both my kids are as messy as ever and none of us feel guilty about it. We actually love it. I would go as far to say that their dirty little hands and faces are as perfect as it gets!

I never want to feel like I have to be “perfect” for anyone ever again. The only thing that I will be perfect at is not being perfect.

I choose to LIVE instead.


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