When You Wish Upon Some Stars

My obsession with making wishes began when I was a child. Birthdays and Christmas time always allowed for grand wishes to be made and, if the stars aligned just right, most were granted.

When you’re a child though, you wish for things, stuff. As you mature, you wish for love or a job or a place to live. As life moves forward, your interests change, your focus points in a new direction, and you are left making wishes on any shooting star you lay your eyes on.

For years I visualized all that I wanted out of my life. I have always tried to “live in the now” so, at the time, I focused my positive thoughts and energy on my career, my home and (as much as I hate to admit it) stuff.


In the more recent years, I focused my life on change. I decided to quit my 9 to 5 job and become a stay-at-home mom, living on a prayer that I could make money somehow. I made it happen too!

Upon making those positive changes, I focused my wishes on allowing my entire family to be home together so that my husband and I could raise our kids as a team, giving us the opportunity to live our dream life…homesteading in the South.

I remember the night Jacob and I decided to make the change and go for the new lifestyle. We were nervous, but confident in our decision. We put our home up for sale that evening. After getting our daughter to sleep, we were getting ready for bed ourselves. We both went to close the curtains, looked outside and spotted the grandest shooting star!

The timing was impeccable, coincidental or not.

The only reason this story has become so incredibly significant to me in the recent days is because just this week, I yelled out from my deck to the sky, “Show me a shooting star!”

And the universe delivered just that. A magnificent shooting star that burned a beautiful orange tail.

My jaw dropped. Just prior to me asking for the star, I enjoyed a wonderful, heartfelt conversation with my husband about how it had been a year since we decided to move to Tennessee and start our new lives. We reflected on how I was fifteen weeks pregnant when we moved into our new home. We didn’t know a single person, how our internet was going to work, or if our dreams of gardening would actually manifest.

And now I have a six month old baby boy, a preschooler whom has made great friendships with other kids, a circle of friends that I feel blessed to be getting to know better and a hard working husband that is sustaining this beautiful life we are living.

We have adjusted just fine. We have been working hard, loving life and enjoying all the small challenges of going corporate to country.

See what happens when you wish upon some stars!


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