Educational Tools for Homestead Beginners

So, today is my birthday and I want to share some of my gifts with you! BirthdayGifts

Since my interests this past year have all been geared toward homesteading, I received some wonderfully rich tools to help educate and guide my experiences. Maybe these tools can help you too!

A subscription to MaryJane’s Farm Magazine. This woman is the shiznit! She did what I am currently doing almost 30 years ago…somewhat ironic considering I am 32 today. Her idea to start a homestead, live organically and create natural recipes far preceded my dream of doing the same. What a wonderful magazine to help me, and other woman, find a voice with our dreams of simple living.

I received a few great books too. They are listed here:

These books will help you start your new homestead life by teaching you basics, giving you insight into new ways of living and guiding you through all-natural recipes for healthy living and medicinal practices.

Hey, my new life on our “mini-farm” has me trying all sorts of new things from gardening to raising livestock for food to creating homemade medicines for my kids. I have NO CLUE what I am doing, but at least I have some help. The hard part to starting this simple life was taking the leap of faith and making it happen. Now I have the proper tools to keep me going.

And now you do too!

Side note…I remember when birthday presents were things like toys, movie tickets and candy. I guess when you get older and your interests become more solid, birthday gifts become much more focused. I am not complaining at all, but I sure am looking forward to someone giving me some candy. Chocolate please!


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