Visiting Home When It Is No Longer “Home”

My family and I took a nice week long road trip back up to Wisconsin to visit family, attend some in-office meetings for my husband’s job and relax in the cooler air. This was not our first trip back “home” since we uprooted our lives from the plains of Wisconsin to the hills of Tennessee. It was, however, the first time that it did not feel like home anymore.

The visit was amazing, as most of the previous trips have been, but this time it just felt different. I think part of it was because we have finally established a more concrete routine in our new homestead, so breaking that routine for a week actually made it feel like a vacation. The second big change was we actually missed our new home and lifestyle. VisitHome

Don’t get me wrong, we loved every minute we had to spend with family, friends and colleagues. It’s just that we knew that when we returned to the South we would be able to reflect on the new memories made, understanding that the vacation was just that…a new memory.

Our past trips back to Wisconsin always made us question if our new lifestyle and our new home was a good choice for us. My husband and I would spend hours discussing if we did the right thing for our kids. Visiting family and friends, driving past our old house and enjoying meals at our old favorite restaurant made us think long and hard about the decisions we had made.

Over time, we have learned to love our new lifestyle and home. We have taught ourselves many amazing life-lessons, experienced adventures we never thought possible for our family and have really created a love that is endless for each other and our surroundings. Visiting our old “home” this time made us remember WHY we made one of the toughest decisions we have ever made. We remembered how busy our old life was, how fast time passed by and how draining the day-to-day routine really was.

We have learned to slow down, minimize and LIVE!

I have to admit that I look forward to our next trip back up North, but only for the memories we will be making, not in hopes to find a new sense of life up there. I just don’t think it is in our cards anymore.

We have lived in our new log cabin homestead for nearly a year now. And what an amazing trip it has been.

This is HOME.


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