Slow Down, Enjoy Your Accomplishments

We all know that having an attitude of gratitude goes hand in hand with feeling joy and bliss. Be grateful for what you have and you will always have plenty.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of exactly what we have to be thankful for. Life can become busy that we forget to look around and really soak up the lives we have built for ourselves.

For example, just this morning my husband and I were keeping to our normal morning “routine”. (I don’t like using the word routine simply because I want my children to grow up knowing that each day is filled with some sense of wonder and surprise.) After finishing our morning chores, getting the little one off to preschool and then finally sitting down to enjoy a cup of coffee before entering the world of the internet to connect with work, my husband watched me hustle and bustle to get some dishes done and counter tops wiped down. See, I try to sneak in as many chores as I can while he is disconnected from his job, that way he can tend to the baby while I stuff done.

Well, during my hustle and bustle, my husband offered to take a little time to walk me around the trails he has been making throughout our property. After all, it was a beautiful Fall morning.

I quickly responded, “Jake, we have a list of things that need to get accomplished.” His comeback statement was a HUGE slap in the face.

“Sometimes you need to slow down, go for a walk and actually enjoy your accomplishments.”

How much more truth can he have told?Quote22

We spend all this time trying to get through our checklist of things to get done. Household chores, career tasks, social engagements, making lists of other things like what groceries to buy and what Christmas gifts we may want. My hubby and I say that life is just one big checklist.

We all need to slow down and enjoy what we have so we can actually be grateful for it.

Nonetheless, I took my husband up on his offer and he showed me around our nearly 20 acres of AMAZING land. I am very familiar with what is around the perimeter of our cabin, but I have never walked the trails Jacob created. My first excuse for avoiding the trails was that we moved to this land when I was 15 weeks pregnant. That led to me having a baby and not being able to walk with him. My latest excuse has been simply tending to my checklist of crap.

Once we got out deep into the woods, I stopped to take a look around…to really soak it all up.

WOW! We have three grand ridges, two seriously long creek beds with giant rocks lining them, a holler and views that left me cross-eyed from staring too long. The sheer beauty of the land made me feel real feelings of bliss; a vibration so high that my subconscious automatically sensed true gratitude for the life that my husband and I were building.

We both really needed a break from our “routine”. We spent some quality time enjoying our land, getting to know it and feel peace about it. In fact, it was gratifying enough the first time that when our daughter arrived home from school, we took her on another hike with us. We showed her the same sites that shocked us…her reactions were twofold!

It was heartwarming.

So, my advice to you whom has taken the time to read this article, take time for yourself too. Go enjoy your accomplishments.


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