Giving Your Outdoor Cat a Winterized Home

It’s getting cold outside!

This is really no big deal to our family since we have lived our entire lives, up until a year ago, in Wisconsin. Most of the year in the great white North is spent under a blanket of snow.

Tennessee is much warmer in the winter, but nonetheless, it can still get chilly enough to make outdoor pets freeze.

My birthday recently passed and I was gifted my first outdoor kitten. I love her dearly, but I didn’t realize how much my love for her would effect how much attention she actually would be getting from me. I figured an outdoor cat would be super easy to care for…put her outside, have food and water available, keep her bug free and make sure her shots are up to date.

I have made it much more complicated. I do not want her to feel like she is an outdoor cat. I want her to have the luxuries that my indoor pets have like warmth during the winter months.

With that thought, my hubby and I created a nice cozy winterized home for the sweet thing. Here are the simple steps to follow to build your own outdoor cat home: CatHome

  1. You need to start with one 10 gallon storage bin and one 30 gallon storage bin. They both need lids.
  2. Add whatever kind of blankets you want your cat to use to the smaller bin and shut the lid.
  3. Put the 10 gallon bin into the 30 gallon bin. Line up two of the shorter ends where you want the cat door to go.
  4. Cut said door. We made ours very small to help keep drafts of wind out.
  5. Stuff the spaces between the small and large bins with straw or hay. If you do not have either of those available, simply use old newspapers or spare blankets. Anything that can act as an insulation will work well.
  6. Close the large bin lid once your stuffing is set. Voila! A winterized home for your cat.

I am so thrilled that Rosie enjoys her home. I can rest easy knowing she will be warm at night during these rough months ahead.



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