Misconceptions About Homesteading

I recently had an inquiry about my homesteading journey. The questions are still ringing loud in my head.

How do you do it? How do you manage a homestead on numerous acres, with kids and NO JOB? Ho can you afford your life?

First, I hope that none of my past blog posts have misled my readers to believe that you have to live with a low budget, have no consumer-based desires, and either be broke without a job (or hate your job) to enjoy a simple life on a homestead. That is NOT true!

Homesteaders have a huge opportunity to live simply, but most importantly, they have an opportunity to simply LIVE.

What do I mean by this? Misconceptions

Well, living with a budget is just common sense. We all have to do it regardless of the type of lifestyle we are trying to lead. We have a certain amount of money coming in and a certain amount needs to go out for things that allow us to survive.

On my homestead, our budget looks much different than it did when we lived in the city. First, our cabin is larger than our old home in the city. It also sits on more land. The big difference with our budget here is the location. Our cost of living significantly decreased because of where we chose to live. Also, because of our new lifestyle, we only need one car. We don’t leave home often, so we save on gas as well. We try to play more, do more, live more, so we do not spend money on cable or Netflix. Our time is spent on our land, enjoying the kids and new experiences. We heat our home with our wood burning stove so our electricity bill is quite low. Lastly, since we grew a large stock of food this past summer and our chickens are laying eggs, we spend less money on produce and other food than what is considered normal.

My family did not lose our financial budget, we simply changed where our money goes! In fact, we gained where we saved.

Homesteaders, or others that live a simple life, are always thought to not have any desires for first-world items. I can only speak for myself here, but I would say that that is not true. We are all faced with consumerism and it’s hard to look away sometimes.

I have said this before, I still desire my Starbucks coffee. I truly enjoy buying my kids random toys and gifts. I still very much like a day out at the mall, whether I buy anything or not. My time on my homestead is amazing, but I really do love breaking away from the simple life and spending some of my extra money on new shiny things. I’m just being honest here.

So, back to the original inquiry I received…how do I homestead without a job?

My husband and I may not have the traditional corporate jobs that we used to have. We may not sit in an office during “normal working hours”, but why should we? The thought of working in an office again makes me cringe. It’s just not for me. It’s not for us.

I decided years ago that my main focus in life would be to be a good mom who is around when I am needed. I wanted my husband to join me in raising our kids too. We eventually realized that we COULD make it work. We needed to change the WAY we lived.

(This is where I secretly plug my “I went from corporate to country” line…but you already knew that.)

This is the age of the internet!

See, I do have a job…or jobs, if you will. I have several streams of income that allow me to stay within my budget and allow me to live the lifestyle I have chosen. Ironically, all of my income comes from the online world.

My husband is lucky to work full-time from home all on the computer. Not only do we feel honored to have the skills and opportunity to work at home, but loving what we do also makes the reality of it all so much more awesome!

Homesteaders, like myself, don’t have to be jobless to be considered a homesteader. In fact, you don’t have to work at home to be a homesteader either. If you love your job and you also love homesteading, you CAN make it work.

Simple living, homesteading…it is a lifestyle. The biggest misconceptions about the lifestyle if that those living this way are broke and broken. That is not true at all. To answer my followers question of how I am able to manage my new life without a job and all these crazy responsibilities is actually quite simple.  I worked hard to MAKE it work. I still put in time and energy to make a living, but I also put time and energy into simply living. My families experiences on our homestead are priceless which makes us the richest people in the world.




2 Comments on “Misconceptions About Homesteading

  1. Thanks for the post, I’m looking into the alternatives to the daily grind myself. I can guess it probably doesn’t start off easy. But no change is ever to easy at first. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • You are correct! No transition is easy, regardless of what it is. BUT, when we harvest change to become better selves, we can do ANYTHING! I will be thinking about you and your own journey to quit the hamster wheel we all ride at some point in our lives. I am glad I inspired you, but I am mostly glad to be inspired by you in return. The more people I can get to know that are doing what makes them feel happy and fulfilled, the better I feel myself. So, thank you!

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