10 Resolutions for a Great New Year and Life

I always love the New Year celebrations and the joy people begin to have in their hearts solely because they feel they have a chance at starting over. The change from one year to the next offers everyone new beginnings like turning a page in our life books. Resolutions

Even though the year has a new number labeled to it, we must remember that we are able to start new every single minute we are alive. We have the opportunity to change how we feel in every present moment. For some reason, we all tend to wait for the sun to rise the next day, or even longer like waiting for the new year, before we decide it is the right time to feel innate happiness.

I have a list of 10 resolutions you can make right now to start your life in a new direction TODAY! Or, if you feel more comfortable, you can wait to begin these feel-good exercises when the year begins anew. Either way, you are in control of finding true bliss. Make the change when you are ready.

  1. Start each morning by having a thankful heart. Say a personal affirmation, or say “thank you” for all the things you are able to do like breathe, walk, talk, eat, feel love and show encouragement.
  2. Watch what you say and focus on removing all negative language from your vocabulary. Instead of saying things like “I don’t like…” focus on saying the opposite of what you do not like such as “I most enjoy…” This will take some major concentration and overriding of your own voice, but it will lead your life to a more positive place.
  3. Start a Vision Board! Take images of things and feelings you want in your life (from resources like magazines) and tack them up on to a board that you will look at each and every day. When you see the images, hold fast to the feelings you get, pretending that you already possess that which you long for. Visualization is very powerful and will open doors for a great life.
  4. Hug and kiss yourself. If you do not begin to love yourself, you will never be able to love others. Start by hugging yourself and kissing yourself in the mirror. You may laugh and think it is a silly exercise, but you notice how much fun you will have with yourself, therefore growing confident and more capable of loving others.
  5. Create a Gratitude Book. Decorate the cover of a notebook so that you and your loved ones can recognize the importance of the gratitude book. Each day, write down one thing (or more) that you were thankful for that day. Be creative. Dig deep. You can only attract more of those great and wonderful things with this exercise.
  6. Spend 10 minutes a day doing something you love. Allow yourself time for your favorite hobby no matter what it is. You deserve to enjoy this life you were given. Make time to do whatever brings you joy!
  7. Surround yourself with people that make you a better person. You are only as good as those you are closest to so you may as well choose your “besties” wisely. And hey, if it is time to remove some people from your life because of how they bring you down, then so be it. You have one chance at happiness in this life so spend your time with the right people.
  8. Raise your vibration with music. Not everyone enjoys listening to tunes, but I promise, music lifts the soul. If you need a quick pick-up, turn on some music, and let the vibrations take you away. Heck, dance if you have to!
  9. Eat well! We, as a race, have forgotten the importance of eating healthy and what it can do for a successful, enjoyable life. If you eat well, stay hydrated and move a little every day, you will feel like a million bucks.
  10. Choose love…always. It’s as simple as that. If you never do any of the other resolutions from this list, at least do this one. Choose love. Love always wins, it conquers all. Every other negative emotion that we are capable of feeling is a huge waste of time. Love is all there is.

There you have it folks! My list of resolutions that I recommend implementing in your life today. Don’t wait for the change of the year or the change of the season. Make your life what you want it to be now. You only have this very moment. The past is gone and the future is always being created. Live now!


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