Our Very Homemade Holiday

As homesteaders, we have been striving to use our hands and creative minds to make, remake, recycle and up-cycle anything we possibly can. For example, I have been saving old food cans to collect bacon grease and such. Then I turn the cans, full of fat, into bird feeders. Old jelly jars are great for my homemade candles and toilet paper rolls stuffed with dryer lint make great fire-starters.

In order to stay true to our homesteading ways, we decided to have a very homemade holiday. We wanted to minimize our overhead by not spending much at all on gifts. Instead, we wanted to be creative and make some really nice, special (and thoughtful) presents.

Here are some of the items we were happy to gift this year.



Homemade Coasters  Coasters

I bought used tiles and cleaned them up really well. I cut out some fun scrap booking paper to the size of the tile. Modge podge the paper to the smooth side of the tile. To finish, I added some rubber grips (the kind that keep furniture legs from sliding) to the bottom of the tiles. Voila!






Dry Erase Calendar

I found an old frame and cleaned it up. I went to the paint store and found 7 paint testing strips in the color category that I liked most. I added them to the frame. On the glass side, I used the dry erase marker to write the days of the week, the month, and the dates. It was a hit!




Silverware Wind Chime WindChime

I literally spent $1 on an old, used set of beautiful vintage silverware with a small serving platter. My hubby drilled tiny holes in the end of each piece. I then strung heavy weight fishing line through each, tying it off with a strong knot. Again, voila! A gorgeous sounding wind chime with a bit of country charm.






Personalized Beer Mug

At ten cents a cup from a local junk shop, we couldn’t pass up this gift idea. For our beer drinking friends, we added their name by etching it onto the glass mug. Then we wrapped it with a nice specialty beer. Perfect.





Personalized Candy Jar DadsStache

For our dad who likes to eat candy but never has his own stash, we made sure to satisfy his sweet buds. We etched “Dad’s Stache” with a hand drawn mustache onto a large mason jar. We filled that thing to the top with some locally made sweets. Another winner!





KnivesSkinner Knife

My husband has been waiting a long time to blacksmith his first knife. He always outdoes himself as his first knife was a set of four knives. They turned out beautiful. One knife for each man in our family made from the hands of my love. I would estimate that about 55 hours of his personal time went into these bad boys. He started working on them in August and finally finished them the week before Christmas day. The process of his work is detailed in the video below. Enjoy! Our family sure did.



Well, there you have it. Our very homemade holiday. We loved gifting things we made with our own two hands. The thoughtfulness put into gifts like this is more priceless than any amount of money spent.

I hope you enjoyed your holidays as much as my family and I did. Happy 2015!


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