My “No Poo” Experience

Okay. Alright. I am totally putting myself out there for this one. The picture alone tells so much about me and this story.

Yikes! No Poo

For my 2015 homesteading goals, I decided to go all in; to really take what I know about homesteading and actually practice it. My family and I started this new way of living a little over a year ago. Our first year was filled with firsts including our first summer of gardening, a full season of canning, and we even had a new baby. 2014 was a crazy, awesome learning experience jumping right into homesteading like we did. But I crave more!

Watch out 2015 because I am going all in!

I am going so far in that I am putting myself out there for it. Ha ha!

Homesteading has many attractive characteristics including striving for a healthy lifestyle and to saving on costs while doing so. A simple way to practice both of these traits is to quit your traditional, first world hygienic ways.

Say what?!

Ditch the store bought shampoo!

Shampoos and conditioners are known to strip our hair of the nutrients it needs. Not to mention, a “good” bottle of shampoo can strip our wallets too.

I am not suggesting you should stop showering. Simply replace your normal routine with this cost-effective, natural hair cleaning regimen. I did and I am so glad I tried it.

For the first week, I showered daily but only rinsed my hair with warm-to-hot water. I let it air dry. By the 6th day, my hair was ready for a good clean. All the natural oils finally came out of my scalp, making my hair feel healthy and strong but greasy. (See top picture). (Mustache is not real).

Instead of washing with my old shampoo, I simply added one tablespoon of baking soda to one cup of warm water. I squeezed the mixture onto my scalp and lathered like usual. I let it wash out with warm-to-hot water. I blew dry my hair this time. My hair felt amazingly clean and soft. (See bottom picture).

Many “no poo” recipes I have found say to use Apple Cider Vinegar as a conditioner, but I am not going to try that until my hair calls for a change.

There it is folks. My “no poo” experience thus far. The money I am saving is awesome. My hair feels great. I don’t feel guilty when I wash my kids hair with this new, natural way of cleaning. AND, I am evolving as a homesteader.

Be happy ya’ll!



Whew! Things are looking good now. My last five weeks of showering consistently, but only washing my hair about twice a week with my new regimen has done WONDERS on my hair.

I have always had kinky, wavy hair, but never truly embraced it. Sometimes I would wear my hair curly, but it was always loaded with product to make it look somewhat tame. For the last ten years, I have had very short hair to avoid having to style it. With cuts like shoulder-length asymmetrical bobs and pixie hair, my only real chore was to blow-dry and flat iron. My new lifestyle does not allow me the time, nor the need for fancy styled hair. HairUpdate1

My new “no poo” regimen is breaking my traditional styles. Removing the gunk from my scalp has brought life to my kinky waves. My hair is the longest it has been in ten year and the curliest I have seen it in my entire life. I am finally embracing the curl because it looks So. Damn. Good.

If you are looking to save cost on shampoos, change your way of cleaning hair AND finding your true, natural hair, you should try the no poo regimen. 1 tablespoon of baking soda to one cup of water is all it takes. Give yourself at least five weeks for your scalp and hair to change to its natural state.

Trust me. Your hair wants you to go NO POO!


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