Don’t Let Society Force You To Not Chase Your Dream Life

QuitI finally am not afraid, nor do I hesitate, to tell people that it is 100% okay to not follow societies idea of being a contributing human being. I used to work hard at climbing the corporate ladder. Showing up to an extremely ruled-based environment with micromanagement, irritating dress codes and seemingly rude co-workers is officially not my definition of “the life”.

I always thought that working the 9-5 grind (which is really 6-10) was a normal way of living. That making money and spending my days with heartless strangers, working towards goals that were set for me instead of by me, was a completely acceptable way to live my most precious years. Seriously, I spent 15 years going to school to learn how to function in the corporate world, so that is obviously what we are SUPPOSED to do.


Oh friends, hear me loud and clear.


You are meant to do whatever makes you happy.

You can contribute to society and not work for others. You can be happy during the working shifts and not work for others. You can live a life that does not involve staring at cubicle walls.

You see, you need to change the way you view life, this world and our “normal” way of living. Change your perspective. Change your outlook. Focus on yourself, your dreams, your goals, your ambitions.

What makes YOU tick? Stop worrying so much about your boss. Trust me.

Find your bliss and realize that you are 100% pure potential and 100% capable of making the necessary changes to pursue your more meaningful life. Your dream life.

I came across this blog post with a video interview starring Joe Rogan and was relived to read that I am not alone in this way of thinking. I was incredibly impressed with his viewpoints and ability to verbalize my very thoughts. Please take a look at the video to begin the process of changing your way of thinking to begin your new way of living.

Ditch the cubicle life today!


2 Comments on “Don’t Let Society Force You To Not Chase Your Dream Life

  1. Totally agree! Unfortunately, a tragedy had to happen before I finally made the decision to leave my job. It can be scary but, for me, so is the thought of doing something just to re”tire”.

    • I am sorry you had to struggle for a positive change to happen. BUT, I am happy to hear that you are happy. Great way of putting it…re”tire”. Love that.

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