Five At-Home Jobs So You Can Ditch the Cubicle Wall Lifestyle

Many of you have asked me how I made the move from corporate to country. How in the world can a family of four survive on one income?

I’ll be honest, it’s not easy.

BUT, there are other ways to earn an income without having to go to a 9 to 5 job. There are jobs you can accomplish right at home and be able to supplement your primary income. If you read my biography page, you will learn some more specifics about my supplemental streams of income.

When I first quit my corporate job, I started using my skills to benefit a variety of clients. The best part? I was my own boss! Freelance opportunities are everywhere especially since our world has become a global community with access to the internet.

I always say, “Thank goodness it’s a digital world!”

It’s true. If you have a computer and a vision, you can easily ditch that cubicle wall lifestyle and pursue your dreams of living.

Yes, I mean LIVING!

No one ever wrote a rule book saying that you must work for another persons dreams in order to “live”. In my opinion, going to a job so many days a week doesn’t allow you the option to enjoy the things you works so very hard for. You can live, survive, and thrive all while earning money with these at-home based jobs: FiveAtHomeJobs

  1. Blogger! If you have a story to tell, a mission to share or a vision of hosting your own brand online, start a blog. I’m on my third viral blog (you’re reading it right now) and it’s awesome. It does take time to earn money from your work, but it’s totally worth it. If you can’t take the leap to become a full-time blogger, still start now, adding content when you can, just so you can put yourself one step closer to your dream.
  2. eBook Author! I’ve written two short eBooks that I sell through my website and Amazon. I felt compelled to share my corporate to country journey in a format that could allow me a supplemental income. It’s a fun, creative and inspiring way to ditch that corporate job and be able to sit back, live and earn wages.
  3. Social Media Manager! There are so many businesses out there that need someone to manage their social sites. Since the job is all internet based, hiring a freelancer to get the job done is ideal for these businesses. It’s easy to learn and truly fun when you start getting traffic results. What a fun way to earn money!
  4. Virtual Assistant! Secretary, receptionist, data entry professional and more! These are all jobs you can do from the comfort of your home. If you are currently working in Corporate America, I guarantee you have the skills needed to complete these online positions daily task requirements. Finish your work early in the day and enjoy your home, family and life for the rest of it!
  5. Start Your Own Business! What skills do you currently utilize in your day to day job? Can you find an innovative way to use those skills and start your own business. My husband and I had a great combination of skills that allowed us to start our own businesses, giving us a bit of freedom in our way of living. I have a friend who quit her teaching career at a physical school to become a teacher that hosts curriculum online. She is able to earn an income, be home with her children and still use her skills for a passionate purpose.

If you are thinking of ditching your 9-5 job for a more lax home-based career but are struggling concluding what options lie ahead for you, feel free to contact me. My husband thinks I have a knack for helping people in this area. My career background is marketing. I still help small businesses brand themselves when time allows. I would be obliged to help you make your next steps to leave the grind.


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