Jessie and Jacob here, your positive thinkers, dream manifesting geniuses and homesteaders. For years, we had been working hard towards ditching the cubicle life to live a very different lifestyle. When we were 20, our ten year goal was to “retire” by 30. We knew it would be impossible to retire the way most people do in their 60’s but we knew we could find a way to earn an income from the comfort of our home.

We also agreed that we could step it up a notch and cut our bills down by changing our WAY of living.


September 2008…dreaming of life together, not knowing what would lie ahead.

And here we are!

A family of four living in the woods, running a homestead where we grow our own food to reduce our shopping bills, heat our home with wood to reduce our electrical footprint, using our own hands to make household products, as well as medicines and educating ourselves everyday through our life experiences.

We are living the simple life! (Although we are learning that not everything is so simple, but we sure are happy)!

We thank this big amazing universe for blessing us with talents that allow us to maintain our paying jobs. Thank goodness for the age of the internet! Thank you for giving us skills we need to manage a homestead; for gifting us with the greatest gifts of all, love and children. But most of all, we have the utmost gratitude to be able to share our knowledge with others and teach them how to make a shift in their own lives to stop working for someone and start LIVING instead.

We welcome you to follow our family on our journey from corporate to country. Follow our blog, learn about how we keep our costs down and health up through essential oils and never hesitate to inquire if you have any questions. We are here to help, teach and be happy.

As always, make it a great day!