Get To Know My Hubby

Hi there, I’m Jacob Vyvyan and I love art, the simple life and being a dad. about-jake

Jessie and I met when we were 17 when our lives were driven by our education, our jobs and money. When we began living our lives under the same roof, we set some serious goals for ourselves including the idea of never letting anything or anybody stand in our way of achieving ULTIMATE HAPPINESS.

We have been working hard on achieving our goals, the largest one being the way we are currently living! We moved our family to a location where we could live off the land instead of wasting away in the city. Don’t get me wrong, I loved and still enjoy the city life, but I hate how society forces us to work inside buildings in order to survive and then never allowing us the freedom to enjoy the home we work so hard to afford. I am enjoying my time working in my home office with my view of nearly 20 acres of deep woods. Sometimes I see turkeys passing by while I’m on the computer.

My journey as a working man (graphic designer and multimedia developer) has been a good one. I have been blessed! My full-time job allowed me to make the move from the office to my log cabin. I work full-time from home which allows me to watch my kids grow, enjoy every moment I can with my wife and help manage our homestead. Thank goodness for the age of the internet!

It’s not an easy lifestyle. Discipline has become my middle name. But I wouldn’t trade this way of living for anything.

I hope you enjoy following my wife and our family throughout our journey. Going from a corporate, city-style life to a homesteaders world is crazy, but fun!