Get To Know Me, Jessie

Hello! I am Jessie Vyvyan, wife, mommy, entrepreneur, “retired” marketer, homesteader, writer and creator. My husband and I have created a beautiful, happy, joyous life together through the power of positive thinking, practicing gratitude and using our minds and hands to bring the fruits of the world into our reality. I invite you to discover what makes us happy and learn how you can create your own happiness, whatever that may be.

Here is a little bit about me: My passion for marketing (which started with an obsession with billboards and working as a promotional brand ambassador) led me to earn a B.S. in marketing and communications from the University of Wisconsin. After seven years in the corporate world and one child later, I decided to take all I had learned during my career climb and continue similar work on my own. My dream was to work at home so I could still contribute to my family financially, but also be able to raise my children, get out of the crazy city life and run a homestead somewhere in the South. I wanted to live somewhere completely different from what I had ever known, where I could grow most of my family’s food and be creative with other personal projects.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to still contribute to my family financially through many marketing projects and other online businesses. However, I am also an eBook author and a lifestyle coach. My streams of income are constantly flowing without me needing to work too hard. My REAL JOB is being a good mom, a helpful wife and an organized manager of my homestead.

Like what you know of me so far? Drop me a note. I like making new friends. Let’s chat!